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Legendary Maverick Hunter from the Megaman X series and the Megaman Zero series. He is the Messiah who died for the sins of everyone in Megaman X and he is the second most popular character in the Megaman series. His attitude is that of a cocky badass despite looking like a girl and having green boobs and long hair. He killed Sigma, Vile (AKA Sigma's lapdog), Colonel, Copy X, Elpizo, Omega, Dr. Weil, the entire classic series cast, and he probably caused 9/11.

He is one of the best, scratch that, THE BEST antihero of all time.

He has also died for the sins of the human race in both the Megaman X and Megaman Zero series. Deaths: Megaman X:Exploded on Vile (AKA Sigma's lapdog) for peace and just and gave X his buster, a true bro. Megaman X5:Shot Sigma as a damn torso and decided to rest inside a pod until he needed to return for glorious retribution. Megaman Zero 4:He died on the Ragnarok for the sins of human and reploids alike purifying the world. Megaman ZX:Decided to fight off a Darwinist, a Ninja, a Hippie and a Lesbian just so a little kid could escape, this is the sign of a true hero.

Other feats: Fought a fully armed Sigma with a pipe(X4 backstory) Kills a clone of himself (X2) Kills his original body (Zero 3) Kills an X copy (Zero 1) Kills an effeminate pretty boy (X8) Kills an even more effeminate pretty boy (Zero 2) Defeats 4 guardians of master X (Zero 1-Zero 3)

Moveset potentialEdit

Zero has a Z-buster,Z-saber,Elemental Sabers,Doubletooth,Red Lotus Saber, Soul Saber, Z Ichimonji, Z Rapier, D Glaive, V hanger, Sigma Blade, B fan, T breaker, K Knuckle, Shield Boomerang, Triple Rod, Recoil Rod, Chain Rod, and Zero Knuckle as his available weapons.

Techniques: Xtreme 1&2: Dash Rising Earth Gaizer Fish Fang Tri-Thunder Fire Wave Lighting Drill Crush Zero Final

X4: Raijingeki (Raijin Attack) Kuuenbu (Air Waltz) Kuuenzen (Air Cycling Slash) Rakuhouha (Falling Pheonix Crusher) Tenkuuha (Aether Supremacy) Ryuejin (Dragon Flame Blade) Hyouretsuzan (Ice Fury Slash) Hienkyaku (Flying Swallow legs) Shippuuga (Hurricane Fang)

X5: C-Sword (Crescent Moon Slash) F-Splasher (Flying Water Flight) E-Blade (Electric Blade) C-Flasher (Destroying Glint) Dark Hold W-Shredder (Hurricane) Quake Blazer (Severing Earth Flame) Twin Dream (Twin Phantasms)

X6: Yammar option Sentsuizan (Spinner Crasher Slash) Shoenzan (Rising Flame Mountain) Hyoroga (Ice Wolf Fang) Ensuizan (Circling Water Slash) Rakukojan (Falling Steel Blade) Guard Shell Rekkoha (Rending Light Supremacy)

X7: Raijinshou (Raijin Rising) Suiretsusen (Water Fury Flash) Bakuenjin (Bursting Flame Aray) Zankourin (Slashing Light Ring) Hieijin (Flying Shadow Blade) Souenbu (Twin Swallow Dance) Hadangeki (Wave Severing Attack) Gokumunken (Prison Gate Sword)

X8: Youdantotsu (Leaf Severing Thrust) Tenshouha (Heaven Shine Supremacy) Rasetsusen (Swirling Temple Spin) Juuhazan (Heavy Wave Slash) Rekkyoudan (Violent Mirror Severing) Raikousen (Lightning Flash) Hyouryuushou (Ice Dragon Rising) Enkoujin (Blaze Descending Blade) Renyoudan (Chained Leaf Severing) Zekkyoudan (Broken Mirror Severing) Dairettsui (Great Violent Hammer) Ganzanha (Rock Slashing Wave) Senpuukyaku (Whirlwind Leg) Raijinken (Thunder Swift Fist) Enkoukyaku (Blaze Descending Leg) Shouryuuken (Rising Dragon Fist)

Command Mission: Zero Slash (Rei Shiki Retsuzan) Zero Breakthrough (Rei Shiki Toppa) Zero Dragon Slash (Rei Shiki Shouryuuzan) Zero Wave Slash (Rei Shiki Hadouzan) Zero Skull Crush (Rei Shiki Kabutowari)

Zero 2: Laser Shot Triple Shot Spark Shot Blast Shot Tenshouzan (Heaven Rising) Sengatotsu (Spinning Fang Thrust) Rakuretsan (Falling Fury Slash) Kougenjin (Mirage Slash) Energy Chain Filter Shield

Zero 3: Reflect Laser, Burst Shot, V-shot, Blizzard Arrow, Gale Attack, Split Heavens, Saber Smash, Throw Blade, 1000 Slash, Soul Launcher, Shield Sweep, Orbit Shield,

Zero 4: Time Stopper, Tractor Shot, Burning Shot, Ice Javelin, Sky Chaser, Thunder Stab, Flame Fang, Ice Blade

Forms: Black Zero, Awakening, Nightmare

Awakening and Nightmare form attacks: Shingetsurin (True Moon Ring) Shin Messenkou (True Destroying Glint) Denharei (Electric Blade Zero) Ittouryoudan Genmurei (Cutting in Two with a Single Stroke:Phantasm Zero) Genmurei Kai (Phantasm Zero: Revision)

Why he's better than ProtomanEdit

Zero is not clone of X, Zero gets different moves and has more close combat skills than X does. Protomn is just a clone of Megaman with a shield and he gets owned by King. All of Zero's deaths are sacrifices for the greater good but Protoman just likes to be a douche and fights with his own brother for no reason. People who like Protoman better than Zero are either nostalgic or delusional.

Mega Man Zero 4 - Zero's Finest Hour (Final Events Ending)

Mega Man Zero 4 - Zero's Finest Hour (Final Events Ending)

Zero saving the souls of the human blasphemers


Insanylum13- Zero's #1 fanboy

Blasphemer MavericksEdit

None so far

And then it turns out he's a costumeEdit



Megaman X5 Zero's death

Megaman X5 Zero's death

Zero killing Sigma's crusty ass as a torso