The best poster who ever lived!

Miranda Cosgrove is his religion, Rosalina is his idol. Because god isn't real, he just went with the hot chick.

Cancer Edit

At the young age of 9, Yoshirulezzz was diagnosed with cancer. He was such a happy child before then. Now he has become a bitter 12 year old who posts on Gamefaq.

Obsession with Miranda Cosgrove Edit

Yoshirullez was told he would die before he reached adulthood. His mother submitted him into the make a wish foundation in hopes he could meet his idol, Beyonce. Alas, one look at his picture and Bey went into a seizure. In fact, make a wish foundation sent his photo to at least 697 other celebrities. Including Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, just to name a few. All with similar reactions. It wasn't until they got desperate and went to the stars of Nickelodeon that they found someone.

And it was love at first site... for Yoshirulezzz. Miranda held back the urge to throw up for the duration of the visit. Which lasted only five min.

Trivia Edit

  • Yoshirulezzz is dying of cancer
  • Miranda has a restraining order on Yoshirulezzz

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