Yoshimi is a character in the upcoming Smash FAQs game currently under development.

Yoshimi (Rayquaza487)
Yoshimi the Ray
Species Human-Pokemon Hybrid
Homeworld Hoenn
Series GameFAQs
Affiliation Villain
Gender Male




Yoshimi Description: Yoshimi is your basic fighter with a myriad of quick punches, kicks, uppercuts, projectile, and palm thrusts. He is light, and while many of his attacks deal very minor damage, he has high speed and defense to compensate for his weakness.

The key factor that makes him unique is his Partner Rayquaza. Yoshimi works similar to a mix between Zelda's Down Special and Rosalina's Luma. Yoshimi's Special Attack on activation appear like normal attacks, but if any of his Special Attacks are held for 3 or more seconds, Yoshimi will summon his Pokemon Partner Rayquaza to deal an additional attack.

For example, imagine if Zelda's Down Special was transferred to her Side Special alongside Djinn's Fire. Press Side+Special once for Zelda to simply use Djinn's Fire. Hold Side+Special for any length of time more than three seconds and she will instead change her attack from Djinn's Fire to Summoning the phantom. So essentially it's just two attacks in one.

Design: Profile Pic. The only difference is that the helmet would cover my eyes as well, and would look more like Rayquaza's head

Stats Size: *** Speed: **** Defense: **** Weight: *

Entrance: A group of dark clouds appears and Yoshimi jumps out of them and poses. 

Neutral Attack - Two vertical punches followed by a high roundhouse kick Side Tilt - Triple Kick Up Tilt - An uppercut  Down Tilt - Repeatedly punches the ground (Mashable)  Dash Attack - Yoshimi will run forward, then uses a flat palm forward

Aerial Attack - Air Kicks Aerial Side - A downward swing Aerial Back - Back Elbow Aerial Up - Yoshimi swings his leg upward in an arc  Aerial Down - Yoshimi palms both hands downward

Smash Side - Yoshimi's hands punch so rapidly it appears as if he has 100 separate fists when attacking.

Smash Up - Lobs a sticky red ball forward. Blows up after a few seconds.

Smash Down - His hands turn into faces that look similar to the Pokemon Rayquaza's face He then puts his hands to the ground and shoots out air out his hands that comes out to his sides. This basically looks the same, and acts the same as Mega Man's Down Smash, only that it pushes targets affected higher into the air.

Taunt 1: Yoshimi does some practice punches.

Taunt 2: Yoshimi charges up and becomes surrounded by a green aura and rock fragments.

Winning Quotes:

"You clearly aren't big enough"

Alternate Costume: +Shiny Rayquaza +Red Rayquaza +Blue Rayquaza


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