Drinking Game:Count how many background objects look like penises

Not to be confused with Melee's version.

Yoshi's Island is a stage that debuted in Brawl and is the perfect definition of a neutral stage. Small for 1v1s, one main platform, and no stage hazards. It is literally the perfect stage and should be- Whuzzat? Came from Brawl? Oh... never mind it's a floaty mess and shouldn't return because it is a Brawl stage and Brawl sucks for uncompetitive nature no matter how good that stage is BAN IT NOW! KILL IT WITH FIRE!

Oh, and it has a neat gimmick where it changes seasons and music as fights go on. This means that it is the only 3DS stage (besides Kirby's Dream Land) with more than two tracks of music. Still BAN!!!1!

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