Od shiranui

im so cool

he is the mighty Xerneas1 it is said that he is the most smartest person in the world he visit the samsh board everyday but he post rarely nobody seem to notice him  also most supporter of isaac

Things he hate Edit

he  wish wah wah wah and that daisy freak milchiol or whatever his name was  die 


he was a small white fox with red mark on his on his body then he evolved into a

im Cooool

a red black cool looking dragon it is then he become the Dark Messenger

this is his evolved form

Xerneas1's mad love for PASTAEdit

it is said that every time he go to a restaurant he always choose a pasta truly frightening


Baked Four-Cheese Pasta




bechamel pasta




he love tomato soup

he have shiny a Excalibur

it is said that he can destroy the world

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