Ugly-girl-fail-funny 5038285389234446

Her IQ is still probably 20 above all of us. So that makes her a 20.

Terms and Translations Edit

Just anything in general since most of the words on this list are words that only get about one or two typos as opposed to the actual words that GameFAQs cannot spell (such as Issac and Paletuna).

(what is said) (what is meant)
Shiek Sheik
fullproof foolproof
he(ar)(re) ---------
the(ir)(y're)(re) ----------
should of should have
Lil Mac Little Mac
alot a lot
diety deity
Issac Isaac
to(o) ---------
beet beat
deconfirmed dis confirmed
teir tier
rooster roster
Paultena, Paletuna Palutena
Sceme Scheme
patients patience
preforming performing
numchuks nunchuks
widley widely
th(an)(en) th(en)(an)
gametsu gematsu

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