Waluigi for the wiki
Species Elf
Homeworld Mushroom Kingdom
Series Wario (despite never appearing in a single Wario game)
Affiliation Pointed shoes
Gender Male

Too bad! Waluigi Time!

—Not Waluigi, surprisingly (except for the one time when he did [1])

 Waluigi, prior to his disconfirmation, was one of the worst Mario newcomer choices- even more so than Daisy. Why? Because he had no fan than just one guy, and he was a made up character based on a nightmare concoction of Luigi and Wario, for better or for worse...

Importance to the Mario FranchiseEdit

He is the only character (who's not Baby Daisy or Pink Gold Peach) to never appear in anything at all that's not a Mario sports, Kart, or Party game. In fact, he was only created to give Wario a partner for doubles in Mario Tennis.


Waluigi just came out of nowhere one day. He appeared, and everyone seemed to already know him. For no reason whatsoever, he started to hate Luigi. We think it's because he has a pretty dumb name; if you name your kid "Waluigi", you should expect he should turn stupid, hated by everybody and useless in the future.

Fandom and HatebaseEdit

Instead of digging into the Mario achieves to find a villain to be Wario’s tennis partner, Nintendo instead just put “wa” in front of Luigi, made him purple, stretched him out and gave him a silent film-era villain mustache.

—Cracked, stating why he has a hatebase.

Nobody like litters, it is the same for this bad Luigi. He has the hugest hatebase as well, please read the quote at the top of this section.

History of Fanbase WarsEdit

The Waluigi's fan and Daisy fans were at war until the end of 2013 -- the Bowser Jr. fans were there, albeit silent, and there were almost no Rosalina fans. (Paper Mario is unique in that his fans never warred with any others).

Once Rosalina was confirmed, her newfound fans started rapidly bashing Waluigi. His humiliation peaked with his disconfirmation.

That Fateful DayEdit

On February 26, 2014, many a user checked Miiverse to find the following.


Pic of the day. Once again, Waluigi's Assist Trophy joins the collection!! …Which also means he's not a playable character. Just because you try hard doesn't mean you'll make it into the battle.


The AftermathEdit

Following that, the Daisy and Rosalina fanbases went nuts- Rosalina's started laughing and kicking the Waluigier while they were down, and Daisy fans rejoiced that they had a second chance.

Meanwhile, the Waluigi fans took Sakurai's comment as a personal insult (instead of, oh, we don't know, reflecting the character's tryhard personality). Most of the Waluigi haters (trust us there were many) sat smugly, knowing that they had won yet another battle.


It's a Cold and It's a Broken Waluigi-0

It's a Cold and It's a Broken Waluigi-0


  • Charles Martinet, his voice actor (also known as the guy who does Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Paarthurnax), wants him to star in his own game. Nintendo, like everybody else, doesn't however.
  • Even though he has never appeared in a single Wario game, he is now considered a Wario character. Sakurai bias confirmed.
  • Isaac was cut when Sakurai decided that Camelot should only have one Assist Trophy and absolutely nothing more.
  • Waluigi has finally appeared in a non-sports Mario game! ...Sort of. He actually has a Rabbid based on him named Bwaluigi in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Wario also has Bwario. For added irony, the big, bulky one is Bwaluigi while the smaller, slimmer one is Bwario. The two themselves don't appear, but at least it's something?