Walhart Smash
Species Shopping God
Homeworld Valm
Series Walmart
Affiliation Neutral
Gender Male

Glory is meeting your enemy's eyes and watching the hope drain away with his life...


Walmart is a wanted newcomer for Super Smash Bros. 4 and a playable character in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Oh yeah, spoilers.


Walmart is the Shopper-amongst-men and a badass vegetarian. You must know more? He's the tallest character in the game and dwarfs every single character with the exception of Target, obviously. He also has the awesomest armor known to man and he's often confused for a giant talking lobster.


Walmart is a Shop and everyone knows it.

He's very power hungry and likes to battle, if we gave him more personality than that, we wouldn't have enough traits to give to the next villains of the next game!


Walhart is one of the major antagonists of the game and. He shares the same goal as Chrob, which is to unite people together to stop the fell dragon Grima. Although, Chrob 2 unites by ruling hearts and Walhart unites by sheer strength. Even when thought to be killed, he survived and commanded ultra-powerful Risen at the Conqueror's Whetstone. He is recruitable so all that power will be yours if you can let Chrob 3 beat Walhart somehow. Better train dat Chrob 4.

With all of Valm under his control, Walmart decided it was time to invade the continent of Ylisse. However upon first contact in Ylisse, his forces were repelled back to Valm. Walhart sent numerous forces to hopefully stop the Ylisse and resistance forces, but with little success. However when Chrom's army makes the move to attack Valm to the north and Chon'sin to the south to give them time to capture Fort Steiger, both forces are crushed, though the fort is seized. In order to give Chrom time to defeat Yen'fay to the south, a small force lead by Basilio and Flavia decides to go north again and stall the Valm army. However a lone figure, Walhart, appears and singlehandedly kills nearly the entire force. Basilio stands up to the Conqueror and exchanges blows. Though he manages to land a critical blow on Walhart, the Conqueror deals the final blow against the Khan.


  • Walhart had a commander who had an unbeatable mustache. He died btw.
  • Walhart spared Say'ri only if Yen'fay would join his army.
  • Walhart has long locks of hair which is incredibly shocking at first.
  • Walhart is not a blue haired swordsman, so therefore he has every right to be in Smash, unlike Chrob.
  • For the girls who actually like him, he can be married if you get his spotpasss.

Known Supporters:Edit

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