Species Wailord
Homeworld Hoenn Region
Series Pokemon
Affiliation MAH NIGGA SKY
Gender Wailord

Wailord is the best fucking Pokemon ever. Yes, even better than Mewtwo or Greninja. He's too big, even bigger than Ridley. He gained notability after Powerclaw1 started shouting "WAAAAAAILORD!" in place of words in popular phrases. He is so big that his picture doesn't fit in the info box.

What does he deserve? Edit

Only the best treatment ever:

  • Playable in smash bros
  • Playable in Pokken
  • An appearance in all Pokemon spinoffs ever
  • A Mega evolution that makes him bigger as well as more powerful than a Mega Arceus could ever be
  • All the Skittys he wants

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