Versus the World, or often stylized as Vs. the World, is a common ongoing type of topic. A user selects a character and each day pits them against another character. Users then vote on which they want to be playable. Nominations are often random and obscure.

The orginal "Versus the Wolrd" was "Daisy Vs. the World". One day, the user matthewtheman was inspired to by the series to make a version of it about his most wanted newcomer, Dunsparce. He then created the first snowclone of the series, Dunsparce vs. the World, inspiring other users to do the same thing with their own wanted newcomers, igniting a board fad. Since then, this type of topic has been repeated with many characters, although very few have lasted as long as the original. There have been variations of the title "Vs. the World" such as Ghirahim Against the Rest . Due to the mods not liking the idea of having fun with real people and unlikely characters, they generally terminate them on sight if it doesn't sound like an anime or video game character is going up against the video game character.

There was an attempted revival on the topic type with "Ridley Vs the World 4 DLC". Unfortunately, it got murdered after a week when Ridley had to go up against Donald Trump on the 8th day.

Notable ExamplesEdit