Account Created August 2, 2013
Karma Level 32: Legend
Gender Male

VelocityHill has been a resident of the GameFAQs Smash Bros. boards for just over a year. He resides in the United Kingdom and is into dark humour. He's also a sadist, albeit not a very successful one as he prefers to see sympathy on the boards then mockery.

His Most Wanted NewcomersEdit

  • Ridley - Believe it or not, VelocityHill did not give a damn about Ridley until last September. Ever since then, Ridley has been his most wanted newcomer. He is still hoping Sakurai will one day soon reveal Ridley in full and bring an end to Ridley's delusional detractors.
  • Dixie Kong - Like Ridley, VelocityHill wants Dixie in to prove her detractors wrong and that's she far more then just "Diddy in drag". Or at least, unless Sakurai gets lazy or something.
  • King K. Rool - Despite K. Rool's modern-day absence, VelocityHill still backs the excellent crocodilian that is the Kremling King. (Also I really hope if K. Rool is included, Retro Studios will see sense and finally include the Kremlings as the main antagonist should they make a third DKC game.)
  • Kecleon - To understand why Kecleon would be an awesome addition, please watch this informative video.
  • Crash Bandicoot - Although he knows this will never happen.
  • Tetriminos - It's Tetris, what other reason do you need?

For the most part, he is content with the newcomers Sakurai has chosen. Especially Robin who he thought didn't stand a chance against Chrob.

He is also one of the board's leading Snake supporters, his signature having "Snake will return for SSB4" since June 23rd this year although it remains to be seen whether Snake really will make his return.


  • His name is derived from "Terminal Velocity", a level in Sonic Colours and "Green Hill", the first level in Sonic history.
  • He forgets the word "than" exists and frequently uses "then" in the place of "than".