User728's Gematsu Alliance
Registered On July 14, 2014
Karma Level Unknown
Current Status Active with a Burining Passion!
Gender All
Nicknames and Alts Truth Seekers

July 14, 2014 was an epoch in Smash fandom history as the Gematsu leak was truly put to the test.

Story Edit

Just a day before on the 13 of July, the messenger of the Gematsu leak, Sal Ramano, alerted many fans of Smash that Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles would indeed be revealed the following day during a live stream set by Sakurai himself. Sadly Masahiro Sakarai's plans were different, as on July 14, 2014 he confirmed that Lucina and Robin were the newcomers he planned on revealing as opposed to Shulk. Not only did this event negate Sal's supposed leak about Shulk's reveal, but the fact that Chrom, one of the many characters from Sal's prior leaks, was revealed as a support character as opposed to a playable character as prophesied monly decreased the Gematsu leak's reputation further. Luckily even after this bomb of information was dropped, a group with complete faith in Gematsu still stands. While few in numbers, their organization is instilled with the ardor of a revolution. Only time will tell if our heroes will prevail - except that they didn't. The only member of the Unholy Trinity that made it into the final game was Shulk. Chrom and the Chorus Kids are not playable at all.

Members Edit

The very day of the bombshell User was able to rally together dozens of users for his cause. Members signed up in the following topic,, and members are as follows.

Organization Members:

Leader: User728

Vice Leader: Rayquaza487 (On hiatus, but will be returning soon at full Gematsu force)

  • Waluigi7
  • Terraforce777
  • SenselessBreak
  • Eat_Cow
  • Starpond
  • wah_wah_wah
  • NintendoIsBeast
  • OlafPietro
  • Giordygi
  • Radori
  • Gandolftheman
  • quad_draxis
  • Hejiru
  • Rosal1naIsBeast
  • Austin_4e
  • iAmTheLaw45
  • DemonicDratini
  • GL10
  • SaikyoBro
  • joshl94
  • RaveMasterSol
  • Shadow_Ganon
  • Adumigan
  • mascot1063
  • DiZ0X
  • PaleTunaPls
  • Divine_shadow_
  • KayJayRight
  • gaiaslayer
  • Unit1027
  • Vyers
  • Kiro_nami
  • DoctorJimmy133
  • splashinkarp
  • tstumo27
  • Orchestrafanboy
  • Heijru
  • Blade_Kirby
  • Zero_Destroyer
  • BlueZer0
  • Sheershaw2
  • tehponycorn
  • AwesomePerson99
  • energyman2289 (ShadowPunch62)
  • Seneselessbreak
  • UberPyro64
  • closetkpopfan
  • itsmeaustin

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