Registered On September 1, 2013
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Nicknames and Alts Troopa
Moveset Master
TopHattedTroopa, also known as "Troopa" or "the Moveset Master", is a GameFAQs user who goes there for the simple reason that he is bored. He's at least semi-active and consistently participates in the boards community games. He also hates LordCarlisle. And quinfordmac. A lot. Despite this, he put aside his hatred and joined the Carlisle Elitists when danger threatened the board.

Name OriginEdit

TopHattedTroopa's name comes from Koopa Troopas, primary enemies of the Mario franchise, and a top hat, which is supposed to reference one his favourite video game franchises, Professor Layton, but it's incredibly vague and can be interpreted as anything.

Smash BoardsEdit

Troopa isn't that big on the Smash Boards; he posts there often, but that's as far as any form of fame goes beyond the board games, in which he has a fairly good reputation, despite his recent retirement from them.

One thing about him is that basically all of his most wanted newcomers are incredibly unlikely; Professor Layton, Paper Mario, Wonder Red, Hades, the list goes on. The only semi-likely characters he supports are King K Rool, Palutena, and Mewtwo. Now that Palutena is confirmed, it is just two.

He hosts the game Moveset Master, alongside fellow user Pikachu942 and occasionally Gbleek / Bleil.exe, a simple game in which players are placed in a tournament bracket and have to simply make better movesets than the other, each round having a different theme. He also cohosts Rasumii's Mafia games occasionally.

He also hates LordCarlisle and his Ghirahim obsession. I don't think I've mentioned that enough yet.


Pikachu942: Troopa considers Pika to be his equal in that they're similar in a lot of ways,.though Troopa considers himself to be the superior of the two. They consider eachother friendly rivals in competitions, and are very good friends outside of it, though Troopa will not hesitate to call Pika out when he thinks what he said is bull.

Seb_Ramoray: Troopa considers Seb a good friend despite not talking to him much any more. There is very little else to say other than it was Troopa who convinced Seb to put Professor Layton on his earlier dream rosters and even convinced him to play one of the games.

quinfordmac: Troopa hates quinfordmac with every fibre of his being; it is not known whether or not quin returns the feeling, but he really doesn't care.

LordCarlisle: Troopa hates him as well, mainly for his spamming of Ghirahim topics. Carlisle doesn't return the feeling and actually thinks that Troopa isn't being serious. He is. Though this has calmed recently, as evidenced by their PM conversations and the fact that Troopa was happy to join the Carlisle Elitists. They also share a liking for Professor Layton which you would think would cause them to get along, but it has the opposite effect due to their radically different opinions on the characters.

Insanylum13: The one poster Troopa may actually hate more than quinfordmac. Troopa hates him for having what he considers "an eight year old's taste in characters" and his constant whining about Mega Man being in over Zero, not to mention him not doing any research before forming his arguments, and calling Troopa "nostalgically blind" for his preference of Mega Man over Shadow the Hedgerobo and Zero, despite the fact that Troopa didn't grow up playing Mega Man and it shows how baseless Insanylum's assumptions are. Insanylum13 also mocked Professor Layton and his franchise once, so Troopa hates him for that too.


  • In 64, Melee, and Brawl, Troopa mains Yoshi, Dr Mario, and Toon Link respectively. He plans to main Mega Man this time around.
  • He is British.
  • Prior to E3 2013, and thus, him joining the boards, Troopa's most wanted newcomer was Mega Man.
  • He thinks Rosalina is a terrible addition to Smash despite her good moveset.
  • He thinks Link is incredibly overrated and does not understand his appeal in the slightest.
    • He thinks the same of Charizard.
  • He desperately hoped Pac-Man would stay the hell away from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Unfortunately for him, Pac-Man was revealed at E3 2014. Troopa was very pissed off about this and considers Pac-Man the worst addition to the game.
  • His most wanted character is Professor Layton, though he acknowledges that it is little more than a pipe dream.