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Karma Level -43858923 points, level is: -535, Big asshole
Current Status His ass is banned from here
Gender Ass man
Nicknames and Alts Fucker

Asshole Dickface IGN Fanboy

Tom is a big asshole troll.

The great page editing of 2014 Edit

Just DAYS before E3, Tom thought it was a good idea to mess up the chrob page and add ass pcturess to it and a picture of a girl with cum on her face. After this was fixed, he decided to fuck up several pages, such as the I Gotta Say page, the Ridley page and a few user pages. His ass was then banned by our queen, putting his shinanigans to a stop.

Toro Edit

Someone living as his incarnation or something. He has only touched ChibiDialga's page so far, so most of the wiki should be safe... for now...

Relationships Edit

Everyone on the fourms Edit

Everyone hates him.

His mom Edit

His mom wishes she aborted him.

Himself Edit

He thinks highly of himself

IGN Edit

He comes from IGN, and he loves the place.

JBNinja Edit

Probably his boyfriend.

Personality Edit

He loves IGN, loves to make works of art into crap and likes to ruin shit. And j GOw twV vrhJG OT C2 Vwf egg vo gvog ag ig ilagwIGU PIG Iwl aigpiqit p g p3iurthu rg pugt pbg.

Trivia Edit

  • He hates this Wiki and it's users
  • ewk iglrg en
  • g hwtj sy yj tyje
  • ry tjt j terytsdy
  • aey ety yet tye
  • aert aeyty yat
  • uyrstu634