Tiny Kong
Species Whore
Homeworld Jungle
Series Donkey Kong
Affiliation Down Syndrome Awareness
Gender Female

Nice work, Diddy! Right then, I’ll grab all the purple bananas I see. I’m off to the tag barrel – ready to kick reptile butt!

—Tiny Kong

This stout female mammal of the hominid species of apes in the genus "Pan" possesses a notably large amount of charisma so I would highly request that all the men in the confines of the area direct their attention to what I am about to say concerning her. She is gifted with the uncanny ability to adjust her size to even smaller proportions all for the sole purpose of persuing the needs of her emotions. This Chimpanzee is quite capable of moving at high speeds and displaying her equally fast wit upon doing so, but only if the occasion at hand calls for such maneuvers; as well as being able to levitate without concern for the laws of gravity along with scaling tall plants that branch from the ground in leafy bunches along their trunks. Should thou select this fine lady as your avatar of which to traverse the island she resides in, it shall definitely not be a regrettable decision. Upon performing the second and third actions required to execute a track-and-field event in which competitors attempt to jump as far as possible, known as the triple jump, in reverse order, she immediately becomes a more charismatic simian garnering the attention from others.


She is not a slut. She actually promotes women's dominance and fearlessness. This sexy bitch can expose her body and not go out monkeying the fuck out of random dicks like Funky Kock and old daddy Cranky's Expand Dong.

She is not a slut unlike that fatty Candy Kong, her chest adding 100 lbs. to her overall weight.

She is not an ugly whore like that female Diddy Kong, who is really male once you rip off her weave and tear off her scrap to reveal male nipples.

She is not an overrated male like Funky Kock.

She is not an old piece of sht like Toadsworth or Cranky Kong.

What is she then?

A perfect represenative for the Donkey Kong series. she represents spin offs quite well!

From Down Syndrome to Birth ControlEdit

Tiny Kong is a perfect example of how one can cure down syndrome, via birth control. It gives you bigger boobs and a flawless face. Just look at the slut before!


Down Syndrome.


Rumour has it, Tiny Kong's casual sex partner, Candy Kong, is a lesbian whore ready to fuck any nearby banana. No one knows why lesbians stoop down to be dominated by male phallic options, but either way Candy Kong is a horrible representation of women in society, making her an anti-feminist symbol.

Fuck Toy Edit


Tiny Kong Trophy

Use her wisely. She has been confirmed as an Assist Trophy for this game, described as a clumsy big donkey cocksucking whore.

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