The Thursday Direct, referring to the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Direct on Thursday, October 23rd, 2014, will finally drop the Ridley Nuke. Most likely.

Either way, 50 things will be revealed.

If the Ice Climbers are Wii U exlusive, it'll be revealed here.

If Eight Player Smash is a thing, it'll be revealed here.

If transferrable characters are a thing, it'll be revealed here.

Ridley will be revealed here.

Lucas will be confirmed as DLC

Hell DLC will be confirmed! Not just Lucas.

...Or none of that will happen and Sakurai will just talk about stuff we expected anyway.

What Actually HappenedEdit

8 Player Smas is a thing.

Ridley was revealed! a stage boss on the Pyrosphere. Who acts like the Flying Men and has more animations than the other stage bosses, as well as a character icon, meaning he's pretty much the absolute closest you can get to playable without actually being playable.

And then DLC for a certain veteran was confirmed- Mewtwo!

Oh, and the trailer for Duck Hunt was replaced by a Bowser Jr. trailer to throw everyone off and make it seem like Gematsu was fa- wait a minute...