The Skull
Species Undead Human
Homeworld The FUTURE
Series F-Zero
Affiliation F-Zero Grand Prix
Gender Male

The Skull is a racer from the F-Zero series and a highly requested newcomer for Super Smash Bros. 4.

Profile Edit

Alright, so 200 years ago (from the time of F-Zero, so still in the FUTURE), the man we all know as The Skull was a guy named Sterling LaVaughn. He was the greatest racer in the F-MAX Grand Prix, which was a hell of a lot bloodier and gorier and generally more hardcore than the casual-ass shit of the F-Zero Grand Prix. Of course, though, that didn't matter, because Sterling fucking steamrolled through these massacres that the F-MAX organization called races without a scratch.

One day, though, Sterling thought that maybe one day he wouldn't be the biggest badass in the F-MAX races, and decided to make sure that he would stay badass for eternity. So he met up with a witch doctor, who made him immortal, at a price. With that done, Sterling kept being the biggest badass in the F-MAX Grand Prix, until he wound up in a horrible accident, where he and several other racers were burned alive. Granted, Sterling probably didn't need black magic to survive this, but he still was OK.

200 years later, Sterling made a comeback, now known as The Skull. It turned out that the "price" for immortality is that he must live as a skeleton, which only made The Skull even more badass. Thus, The Skull entered the F-Zero Grand Prix, and dominated it.

THE SKULL Specials

Some of The SKULL's badass special moves

Supporters Edit

Sign here if you support The Skull's potential inclusion in Super Smash Bros. 4.


  • The Skull >>>>>>>>>>> Daisy
  • The Skull >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ridley

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