The Sacred Seven (other wise known as "The Sacred 7" or "Sacred 7") is a group of users who participated in many Smash Bros. themed competitions. They just looked around and said "Hey, these guys seem to be in every other RP I sign up for!" Since then, The Sacred Seven has become a worthy list, as only so many can be in it, hence the "Sacred" part of it.

The Original Sacred Seven Edit

The original Sacred Seven was made up of Pikachu942, GeneralPengu, TopHattedTroopa, Seb_Ramoray, judgementaeon, RajakaiTheBeast, and quinfordmac . This group was formed around the time of the very first Destiny. Since then, the group has molded into different forms, and only 3 of the original 7 remain in the Modern-Day Sacred Seven.

The Modern Sacred Seven Edit

GeneralPengu, Pikachu942, TopHattedTroopa, Kyvos, Billy, UtahCharizard, and Damion are today's version of the group. This version of the group was created on June 20th, 2014

The Sacred Seven Members (And why they are here) Edit

Pikachu942 Edit

Pika was the host of Big Brother, a Smash Bros. version of the popular TV series, Big Brother. Though never finished, it has a legacy of being Pika's best Competition and one of the best of all time.

GeneralPengu Edit

Pengu is widely regarded as the most creative person of the Sacred Seven. Being the host of arguably the greatest RP of all time, Destiny, he cemented his place in early with his performance in the RPs he participated in.

TopHattedTroopa Edit

Best known for his Roleplaying as Professor Layton and being the Moveset Master, he is good friends with Pika. He also hates most of the Sacred 7.

quinfordmac Edit

Being apart of the first RP, Survivor, and the host of one of the most popular RPs today, Despair, Quin is the only ex member of the group to not win an RP.

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