The Sacred Seven (other wise known as "The Sacred 7" or "Sacred 7") is a group of users who participated in many Smash Bros. themed competitions. They just looked around and said "Hey, these guys seem to be in every other RP I sign up for!" Since then, The Sacred Seven has become a worthy list, as only so many can be in it, hence the "Sacred" part of it.

The Original Sacred Seven Edit

The original Sacred Seven was made up of Pikachu942, GeneralPengu, TopHattedTroopa, Seb_Ramoray, judgementaeon, RajakaiTheBeast, and quinfordmac . This group was formed around the time of the very first Destiny. Since then, the group has molded into different forms, and only 3 of the original 7 remain in the Modern-Day Sacred Seven.

The Modern Sacred Seven Edit

GeneralPengu, Kidmf935, Pyrocite, DamionDL, Judgementaeon, Pikachu942 and Phoenix-Smasher (Billy) are today's version of the group. This version of the group was created on August 2nd, 2017.

The Sacred Seven Members (And why they are here) Edit

Pikachu942 (Pika) Edit

Pika was the host of Big Brother, a Smash Bros. version of the popular TV series, Big Brother. Though never finished, it has a legacy of being Pika's best Competition and one of the best of all time. Pika is also likely best known for being the only person to be in every single Survival Games in some shape or form, be it as host or as a competitor. As of recently, Pika has made a bit of a resurgence, having a starring role in the popular though somewhat short-lived Fire Emblem RP as Prince Marth.

GeneralPengu (Pengu) Edit

Pengu is widely regarded as the most creative person of the Sacred Seven. Being the host of arguably the greatest RP of all time, Destiny, he cemented his place in early with his performance in the RPs he participated in. Since then, Pengu has transitioned to a competitor role over hosting, and has excelled in that area as well.

Kidmf935 (Kid) Edit

If Pengu was the original innovator and creator, then Kid was the one who perfected the art of RPs. Having hosted both PokeRP and Fire Emblem RP, Kid has been a staple since his first joining of the group. Hosting two of the top RPs at the time, both at once, was likely tiresome, and is one of the reasons why Kid is allegedly on his way out. However, one cannot overlook what he has given to this community, and how even years down the road we will likely remember his sacrifices. Also, while he was not known for it, Kid was definitely a capable competitor as well, though he was too busy hosting everything to do any of that.

Pyrocite (Pyro) Edit

Winning his very first Survival Games, Pyro is likely known best for his starring role in the massively popular PokeRP as Pete. Pyro is the most recent addition to the group, and has shown he is more than worthy of being in the upper echelon of members with his consistent high quality showcases in such a short period of time relative to the others.

DamionDL (Damion) Edit

Damion is a very frequent competitor and has had his fair share of successes in the RP landscape. While he has never had a truly breakout performance that has stunned everybody, he has consistently shown his a well-rounded individual and more than worthy of a top spot.

Judgementaeon (Aeon) Edit

One of the veterans still around from the original Sacred Seven, Aeon has been one of the most active competitors in the entire history of these, participating in the PokeRP, Fire Emblem RP, and the most amount of Survival Games as a competitor. While Aeon has deemed to never want to host, his highly consistent appearances over nearly 4 years shows his dedication.

Phoenix-Smasher (Billy) Edit

A relative veteran compared to others, Billy has been around in a number of notable roles, most notably as his OC, Billy the Villager, who has since become one of the defining characters of the RPverse. Billy has competed fairly consistently, be it in PokeRP or the Survival Games, and has most recently began hosting the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure RP.