A legendary topic created by Sylawatch where she, Michaeloll, and Swiftie Muggle team up to sit the Daisy haters / Rosaline defenders in their place. Later on, DCM_Trixie, BluePeachClone, morganvonvebb, and KingIceSonic would go on to derail the topic into a social board for pages. Mrs_Nicki_Minaj and her dirty pussy (hahahaha what the fuck) came along later to boast about her buttocks

Notability Edit

This topic is notable for the fast replies, being one of the fastest booming topics on the board in months

Not a single message was marked for moderation, and thousands of messages against the TOU were posted.

Trivia Edit

  • In the midst of the commotion, Daisyfanboy was revealed to be a female and is KingIceSonic's bitch which was a DAMN LIE.
  • Reached 500 posts in less than 3 hours.
  • Part 2 was later created by Morgan von veb, but it was swiftly deleted by the moderators at the request of Michaeloll, who was fed up with KingIceSonic repeatedly posting a bad picture of him, after reaching about 130 posts.
  • Michaeloll's twitter was discovered and he was extremely embarrassed because of a picture

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