The Prince of Sablé
Species Human
Homeworld Sablé
Series For The Frog Bell Tolls
Affiliation Sablé, Custard Kingdom
Gender Male

I guess the bells really did toll for Prince Sablé

—Some dude from SmashBoards

The only character more obscure than Kellam.

Who he wasEdit

The Prince made his debut appearance in the Japan-exclusive Game Boy game For the Frog Bell Tolls. He goes around and does some shit and has a mate who runs the Custard Kingdom.

Before he was Deconfirmed, he popped up occasionally on some people's Rate My Roster, and was wanted on SmashBoards, but apart from that nobody really wanted him.

The DeconfirmationEdit

On the morning of the 4th August, Masahiro Sakurai posted the Pic of the Day. Here he mentioned a guy who he admitted he doesn't know the name of was an assist trophy. SmashBoards immediately deduced him as the prince, thus ending his cult following.

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