The Mangle
Species Anamatronic Fox
Homeworld Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
Series Five Nights at Freddy's
Affiliation Foxy
Gender Yes


The baddest motherfucker ever to be taken Part and rebuilt. He is a highly requested newcomer that nobody dares fuck with.

A full known 3 people support her inclusion, being Patwhit01, Shorydouken and energyman.

He used to be known as Toy Foxy, but because those blasted fucking little kids can't keep their grubby hands off of her, they broke him so bad that the staff just gave up on repairing her every time they closed for the night. Fucking kids never listen to their parents when they day 'Look, don't touch.'. Those little spawns of satan, every one of them, their moms are cheating on their husbands with the devil confirmed.

And to get revenge on the little kids, he tries to kill a full grown man. PERFECT REVENGE PLAN!

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