Carameldomo display

Warning, do NOT let moe fool you peeps. These are ubers-level threats.

The Legendary "Off-Topic" trio are a pair of three fucktards who can't stay on topic and just go and derail topics Cuz they've got nothing else to do. Doing this actually made them rule over the board between 3DS and Wii U release, then they bailed.

Legendary Trio Edit

  • ChibiDialga - Leader of the trio (and the youngest too). Well known Lucas supporter. Goes around and derails your topics with Dark Pits ass, Lucas love, MEIKO sex, breaking up with various Chrobi, and other sh**. This bitch also hates the other 2 members (Seriously. It took two users to replace one who is better than both in every way) so much that she wants to leave the board. She is also the "Rayquaza" of the group which makes absolutely no sense.
  • JorentyIII- Just an idiot who obsesses over trainwrecks. He also likes to stalk his senpais and trolls. Definitely stupid and immature. He is absolutely convinced almost everyone on the board is his alt. He is the "Kyogre" of the group.
  • Divine_Shadow_- Don't let his username fool you, he isn't divine at all. He's gay for Zelos and is a pedo over Rin. Most of the topics they derail are his, when the other two don't beat him to it. He "bushes" a lot. He is the "Groudon" of the group,

What to do when you encounter a member Edit

  • Get wrecked train

    A topic they overtook

    Run away. Just run the fuck away.
  • If you can't escape, make sure you're trained at a high level and you have all the right attacks.
  • If none of that works, Bow down and pay, baby.

Best ways to avoid them Edit

  • Do NOT click on a "HD (insert character here)" topic or make any Dark Pit topic. Just don't.
  • Do NOT make a user with "Chibi" or "Dialga" in it.
  • If at least two show up in your topic, you're fucked. Abandon topic at once.

Enemies Edit

pick a side and add yourself

Allies Edit

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