This is just another thing that happens in Quin's life.


quinfordmac was at his fencing academy, Royal Arts, where he was fencing a 5 touch bout (first person to five points win). He was fencing Sabre at that moment. Quin was moving forward, and his opponent stopped. They had a same-time touch.

Since Quin was moving forward and his opponent stopped, it would be Quin's point. BUT THE STUPID FUCKING REF "THREW THE TOUCH OUT", WHICH MEANS NO ONE SCORED (This can happen). Quin was pissed. He started yelling over and over "HE STOPPED. I WAS MOVING FORWARD. THERE WAS NO BLADE CONTACT. THAT'S MY TOUCH!" Quin must have said this 10 times. He was then so worked up he finished the match with all his equipment off (except the mask). 


  • The ref was only 11

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