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The age of Pinocchio and car crash GIFs has passed. I, a nameless contributor, am about to lay down some cold, hard truth to expunge the filth that previously plagued this wiki page. Legend Tewlsy is an incredibly respectable, well-endowed, humble, empathetic, alpha as fuck loli with unmatched wit and countless friends. Unfortunately, he is not permitted to disclose any of this information due to the community's extreme bias, thus he lives in the shadow of literally every other fucking member of the board. Like seriously. Everyone ignores me no matter how much I shitpost and it's really fucking lame, guys. Please stop doing that.

Friendships & RomancesEdit

On 8/16/2014 at 1:24:48AM PST, Ghasts went down in history as the only one man enough to admit how great of a person I am. I believe this evidence is more than enough to suggest that I will always have a friend in Ghasts.



  • Supports Shulk, actively loathes Ridley and all of his fans.
  • Isn't afraid to report for off-topic in the name of justice.
  • Likes JoJo, but only parts 1 & 2.