HNI 0046
Karma Level (-2)
Current Status Banned
Gender Male
Alts TriforceX5, Zeragi

TailLover is a user who has a tail fetish and enjoys talking about it or things relating to it.

TailLover doesn't want to be a troll, he's just very passionate about tails and enjoys discussing them. Smash bros has a lot of characters with tails which is why he primarily is on the GameFAQs board. Although he has a tail fetish, he just has a fetish for what having a tail would feel like, and the general look. Nothing inappropriate relates to his fetish and it is very tame, which is a common misconception. He occasionally tries to talk about things other than tails, but the other users always bring up his love for tails.

TailLover's old account was banned and he primarily talks on his TriforceX5 account now, but still prefers to be referred to as TailLover.

Characters with tails that tickle TailLover's fancyEdit

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OwainHas11Toes rips off TailLover's gimmick, except that they're obsessed with feet instead of tails. However, they take the fetish to a far greater and more disgusting extent, posting at one point about their desire to suck on Donkey Kong's toes.


TailHater hates tails. At one point, someone suggested that he should be called "Dark TailLover".

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