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The full roster.

How 'bout no?

—Director FlameEagle25 on adding actual Nintendo characters instead of his OCs.

Super Smash Bros. Neo is the next installment in the Smash Bros. series, directed by our very own FlameEagle25. It's known for finally including such fan favorites as Vaati, Zoroark, Alvin, and Isaac

Yes, this is where Alvin was a mistake comes from.

The entire "development cycle", from when FlameEagle25 stepped on as director to the final DLC stuff, has been chronicled here so that you can watch as the train wreck unfurls, but it's much more enjoyable to read the three topics, listed below:

Development HistoryEdit


After creating the new 1st party Nintendo franchise, New Valver Heroes, FlameEagle25 then heard about a new Smash Bros. being planned. However, the team at Sora and Bandai Namco was shorter than during Smash 4's development, causing the series creator and director, Masahiro Sakurai, to doubt the fifth installment's planned release date to be certain. He overheard this and decided to come in the meeting and say... "I'll do it."

He told the team that if they had the help from him and his team at Next Level Games, they'd make sure that the project would go as planned, since they did create a new successful franchise that became Nintendo's 4th best franchise and spanned 4 sequels. The partnership was agreed, but Sakurai decided to give the director position to him instead, trusting his headstrong attitude to lead the project, with Sakurai becoming his supervisor. He was surprised by this but understood why. He then accepted the offer, and while he knew about the pressure, i wasn't gonna hold me back.

Year 1Edit

June (E3)Edit

June E3 Year 1

June's reveals.

Today, at June of E3 of the development on Year 1 (of its confirmation), the game was unveiled...
Veterans from Smash 64Edit
Veteran from MeleeEdit
Veterans from BrawlEdit
Veteran from Smash 4Edit

All the Veterans were seen battling each other in the new and old stages.

New StagesEdit
  • Battlefield - Super Smash Bros. Neo
  • Peach's Castle - Super Mario [Stage Hazard: Nabbit]
Layout: On the roof of Peach's Castle, where some ? Blocks will appear and contain random items. P-Switches can make some blocks appear if you press them, and 4 differently coloured Warp Pipes will sometimes appear for you to warp to the other pipe of the same colour if you press down. Sometimes Nabbit will show up and does the same thing he did in Mushroom Kingdom U back in Smash 4 Wii U (which will not return in this installment).
  • Pokemon World Tournament - Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 Versions
Layout: Similar to the 2 Pokemon Stadiums, where there is a flat terrain with 2 platforms. 7 Pokemon of each installment (Generation) will appear in the background, where only the middle one will do something. For the Gen 1 Pokemon, Raichu will use Thunderbolt, which will cause some damage to the ones hit by the raining bolts of lightning. For the Gen 2 Pokemon, Tyranitar will use Earthquake, which causes damage and may ground the ones who stand on the ground. For the Gen 3 Pokemon, Milotic will use Surf, which will wash away the ones caught in the torrent of water that's below the stage's main platform. For the Gen 4 Pokemon, Staraptor will use Whirlwind, which'll blow away the ones caught in the gust in the direction Staraptor is facing. For the Gen 5 Pokemon, Volcarona will use Firey Dance, which will burn the ones caught in the crimson flames being flung by Volcarona's wings. For the Gen 6 Pokemon, Sylveon will use Dazzling Gleam, which will hurt the ones caught in the bright flash of light. And for the Gen 7 Pokemon, Salazzle will use Sludge Wave to cover the ground with poison, causing damage to those who lay a foot on it, and give them a Flower effect. 
Returning StagesEdit

But wait! There's more!

After the footage of the Veterans and the gameplay footage being shown, a new scene happens!

We see Mario, Kirby and Pit all in a face-off in an urban street. When they all were ready to duke it out, a blue teleportation beam appears from the heavens and lands in the middle of the road. The beam forms into a teenage boy in blue, wielding a sword. The boy gets up from his landing pose with his eyes hidden behind his hat's visor, saying...

"I've heard about this 'Smash' before. Sounds like fun, and a good way to find some worthy opponents. I was just invited, and here I am! I'm Alvin, leader of the New Valver Heroes!"

As soon as he says his signature greeting, his emerald green eyes are revealed, and his splash art... well... splashes into the screen.


That's right. After making 3 successful New Valver Heroes games, Alvin has been the first Newcomer to Super Smash Bros. Neo.

He is a jack-of-all-stats, no cons but no pros, kinda like Mario and Pit, only more speed and combo based compared to Mario's short-ranged power and Pit's air-game and projectiles.

While he wields his signature weapon, the Warrior Sword, he doesn't use it in all of his attacks. He also punches, dodges with his Quick Dashes, attacks with his spinning double overhead axe kick, the Air Roll, and uses his Elite Gear to do some additional things, mostly Specials.

Alvin also has his own home Stage, Central City.

The layout is on the rooftops of the city, 3 in total. The middle is the largest but the lowest, the one of the right is the tallest and has a balcony with a spring on it, and the one on the left is the smallest, but also has a cannon that launches you into the large floating platform in the middle above the middle building. Sometimes, the rad pizza-stuntman Ryan will show up from the middle roof's doorway and throws 4 pizzas, each with a different effect: Restores 10% damage (warm), causes the Superspicy Curry effect, throw to cause burning damage to an opponent, and restores 5% damage (cold).

After the trailer, the Azure Hero puts is sword back in his Storage Pocket System (SPS), when suddenly, a shadowy figure with long hair appears behind him. Alvin looks back, saying, "Slash?", then the trailer ends.

...Until some static appears later and shows that someone has got an Email to be invited to Smash, with Sonic and Pikachu being in the picture. The character who's actually inside the computer's data space accepts, and shows himself in a large screen in Tokyo, where Sonic, Pikachu, Mario and Kirby all see. The character then actually transports himself out of the big screen and challenges them all to a battle.


Gameplay footage happens on Pulseman, who appears to be a glass cannon. His attacks are powerful, his speed is fast, and some of his attacks actually allow him to dodge other attacks, but at the cost of being very light and taking the most damage from any attack.

Pulseman's fighting style is a close-ranged brawler, with some electrical attacks to boot. He also has his Sparkling State, think of it like static electricity, only except it can fully charge when he runs at max speed. This makes changes the effects of 2 of his Specials, in which after they're used, Pulseman must recharge to his Sparkling State to do it again. However, if he is hit by water attacks or is in water, he'll lose the charge automatically.

Pulseman also has his home Stage, Neo Tokyo.

The layout of the stage has only 1 small pit in the middle of the road, which has a long wall that blocks the way to the left side. There are 2 small buildings that can be stood on the rooftops, and a moving platform by the wall and pit which moves up and down.

So that's everything, and after Flame explains himself and explaining the things about Super Smash Bros. Neo, another trailer happens...

At Splatoon's Inkopolis, the Squid Sisters do their usual Inkopolis News...

[Callie]: Hold on to your tentacles...

[Marie]: It's Inkopolis News time!

[Callie]: We got a special announcement!

[Marie]: What is it? What is it?

[Callie]: We've received for some special guests.

[Marie]: An invitation?

[Callie]: That's right, this invitation is for this "Super Smash Bros."

[Marine]: *Gasp* You don't mean...!

[Callie]: Yep, some people were invited, and they are...

[Marie]: Who? Who?

The scene cuts, then Mario, Link and Kirby are approached by an Orange female Inkling and a Blue male Inkling with their Splattershots aimed right at them.


Gameplay footage happens, and their moves are described here (Credit to Source Gaming):…

And that is all shown at E3. During the Pic of the Days, nothing new was shown until the next month...


July Year 1

July's reveals.

Not a whole lot of updates in July has happened... Except for a few new and old things confirmed and brought back.
New StagesEdit
  • Hoshido Plains - Fire Emblem Fates
Layout: A simple flat field with some small cliffs in-between the middle ground, and the sides of the stage itself have pits. Sometimes 10 arrows will rain down in random areas, which can cause some minor flinching damage.
  • Cookie Country - Kirby's Return to Dreamland
Layout: Has 3 main platforms. The middle is the largest, while the others to the sides are smaller, but are positioned lower. There is also a floating platform above the middle, and 2 smaller floating platforms above the sides that's at the same height as the middle one. Whispy Woods will be in the background of the middle platform, watching the fight, until he decides to blow away the fighters in either side. He'll also sometimes shake his branches for 3 apples to be shaken off, so that the fighters can either use 2 of them as throwing items that cause adequate damage, or restore 10% damage by eating the freshest one. He's been doing those since the past Smash Bros. games, but now Whispy has a new tactic. He'll actually attack the fighters by uprooting one of his roots from the ground to cause some major damage to those who got hit by it popping up, and it can pop up from anywhere... On the middle platform that is.

Returning ItemsEdit
  • Smash Ball - Super Smash Bros.
  • Capsule - Super Smash Bros.
  • Warp Star - Kirby
New ItemEdit
  • Health Pack - New Valver Heroes

What it Does: It's a recovery item that'll always restore 25% damage. It's quite common for it to appear compared to the other unique recovery items.


August Year 1

August's reveals.

Returning ItemsEdit
  • Assist Trophy - Super Smash Bros.
  • Bumper - Super Smash Bros.
  • Poke Ball - Pokemon
Returning Assist TrophiesEdit
  • Nintendog - Nintendogs
Returning Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Meowth - Uses Pay Day
  • Goldeen - Uses Splash
New Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Braviary - This Pokemon will aim for an opponent upon being summoned, and will use a fast, powerful, but slow in the charge-up, Brave Bird, which after using it, causes it to leave afterwards.
Returning StageEdit


September Year 1

September's reveals.

CHANGES: Wario's dash attack is now his, well, Dash Attack from the Wario Land games, which was originally his side smash in Brawl.
Returning StagesEdit
New StagesEdit
  • Inkopolis - Splatoon
Layout: The characters stand on a floating platform with 2 floating platforms above, the higher one being a small horizontal moving platform, and the lower one being a large non-moving platform. The Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, are seen in the background performing. But that's not all this stage has to offer, the Stage itself will actually bring you to 4 different Turf War maps. Here's what their layouts are in order...

Arowana Mall - You're on the roofs in the middle of the mall, with the billboards being the main platform, as well as the blimp that you can stand on top when it appears. Blackbelly Skatepark - The center platform is the only platform you can stand on. Saltspray Rig - You're at the top area of the rig, where the large metal containers are used as scaled plains, and the crane is a moving platform. Urchin Underpass - The characters will be on top of the road above the map. It's a simple layout with guardrails that can prevent KOs from happening if one target is close to the wall.

  • New Donk City - Mario
Layout: The characters are on the festival's podium on the rooftops of New Donk City, with Mayor Pauline performing with her band during the match. It's a simple plain with pits on both sides, but with a higher plain in the middle, with large speakers being solid terrain walls.
Returning ItemsEdit
  • Pitfall - Animal Crossing
  • Fire Flower - Mario
Returning Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Gardevoir - Uses Reflect
  • Electrode - Uses Explosion
Returning Assist TrophiesEdit
  • Hammer Bro. - Mario
  • Tingle - The Legend of Zelda
New Assist TrophyEdit
  • Muddy Mole - Mole Mania
What he does: He'll pop up from the ground and throw bombs at the opponents, the burrow back and pop up again and throw more bombs, a repeating process. When he pops up, those who didn't summon him will get hurt.


October Year 1
Returning StageEdit
New StageEdit
  • White World - Sonic Generations
Layout: It's similar to Battlefield, but as time flies, the stage will go to a certain era in Sonic's life, which will change the terrain and hovering platforms in different positions and sizes. Here are the eras in order...
Green Hill - Designed similarly to the Green Hill used in Brawl and Smash 4 3DS, in addition to having a damaging Checkpoint, only except that the main ground below will not collapse. There are no hovering platforms.

Chemical Plant - The platforms will actually move. The one on the left and right platforms will move in their direction and back. The top however, will go up and down. The main platform has that bubbly thing that'll jump from one pipe to the next. That will cause damage to those who touch it. The stage also has purple liquid that the characters can swim in it (though you must remember that they can drown in it).

Sky Sanctuary - There are 2 large columns with 2 platforms that you can stand on. There are 2 hovering platforms to the sides that moves up and down.

City Escape - The main layout is extended to not have pits, and there are hovering platforms that form like the pins in a bowling alley. In the background, the G.U.N. Truck can be seen, and will drive towards the middle of the stage, instantly KOing those who get hit by it passing by.

Returning ItemsEdit
  • Home-Run Bat - Super Smash Bros.
  • Motion Sensor Bomb - Super Smash Bros.
Returning Assist TrophiesEdit
  • Knuckle Joe - Kirby
  • Ashley - WarioWare
New Assist TrophyEdit
  • Octoling - Splatoon
What she does: Octoling will simply squirt her ink at the opponents, which slows them down if they walk in the puddles. It hurts when it's shot at the foes, but not as much as the Splat Bombs she'll throw at them. Even though Assist Trophies can stutter if those who didn't summon them attack them, Octoling will actually try to avoid you by turning into her Octopus form and swimming away.
Returning Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Snorlax - Uses Body Slam
New Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Mudkip - This Pokemon will shoot those who didn't summon it with Mud Shot, left and right.
  • Oranguru - This Pokemon will uses Confusion to flip you upside down if you who didn't summon him upside down. It also uses Confusion against projectiles.


November Year 1

November's reveals.

Returning StagesEdit
  • Skyloft - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Returning ItemsEdit
  • Food - Super Smash Bros.
  • Fairy Bottle - The Legend of Zelda
  • X Bomb - Kid Icarus
Returning Assist TrophiesEdit
  • Dr. Wright - SimCity
  • Waluigi - Mario
Returning Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Togepi - Uses Metronome
New Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Alolan Meowth: Unlike the original Meowth, this Alolan Meowth will not use Pay Day, but rather Night Slash, which has shorter range, but deals greater damage.


December Year 1

December's reveals. The train wreck begins...

  • Hammer - Donkey Kong
  • Green Shell - Mario
  • Beam Sword - Super Smash Bros.
Returning Assist TrophiesEdit
  • Isabelle - Animal Crossing
Returning Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Oshawott - Uses Surf
Returning StageEdit
  • Pilotwings - Pilotwings
New Assist TrophyEdit
What he does: He's kinda like Mr. Resetti in Brawl, where he makes a ranting speech, only shorter and swings his cane, which will actually cause damage and knock-back to those who didn't summon him.
  • Captain Toad - Mario
What he does: He'll swing his Super Pickax as if it were a weaker version of the Hammer and goes after those who didn't summon him. But due to his inability to jump, he's stuck in 1 area, unless he decides to drop down to a lower ground.
New Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Butterfree - This Pokemon will fly around and use Stun Spore, which will not only cause very minor damage, but can paralyze your opponents in place until it stops, giving you the opportunity to strike.

That seems like all of it for the year.

But then...

A Holiday Nintendo Direct happens during December, and some major news hit the spot during the beginning for Smash Neo.

For starters... The Ice Climbers, Veteran characters from Melee who missed out in Smash 4 due to the 3DS version not being able to handle them, are finally back! They're still the same as they were in Brawl, only now are fit in with the physics of Smash Neo (which is the same as Smash 4's) and their chain grabbing has been removed, in addition to making the singular Ice Climber less weaker when alone and the player can decide on who to control either Popo or Nana in the Character Select Screen. The Summit Stage from Brawl also returns as their home Stage.

But at the end of the direct, a Newcomer trailer finally happens...

It starts out in a lakeside forest, where we see Alvin fighting the Ice Climbers and is not doing so well. As they use their Ice Shot to hit Alvin, someone appears from the sky and whacks the Ice Shot away. Alvin then gets up and notices that the person who helped him was actually someone special to him. A girl in a pink dress, who wears a pink visor, and has a blonde ponytail. The girl turns her head, revealing her smiling face, and winks at Alvin, which causes her splash art to appear.


Gameplay footage happens. She's a fragile speedster. While faster than Alvin (when running), she has a greater jumping height, better air time, and her attacks in the air are stronger than how she is on the ground (which is not very strong). Her throws are also really powerful, thanks to her Elite Gear, the Throw Gloves, kinda like how Alvin uses the Gravity Palms (which has better grab range and knockback, but weaker damage). For being fast, however, she's pretty light, and can slightly receive some more damage.

The trailer ends with Alvin and Sally leaving the forest at sunset, holding hands.

Year 2Edit


January Year 2

January's reveals.

Returning ItemsEdit
  • Franklin Badge - Mother/Earthbound
  • Mr. Saturn - Mother/EarthBound
Returning StagesEdit
New StageEdit
  • Great Plateau - The Legend of Zelda
Layout: The characters are on the ruined castle walls beyond the Great Plateau's borders. It's a flat plain with 2 upper plains at the sides with no pits. Hyrule Castle can be seen in the background, along with the four Divine Beasts standing tall.
Returning Assist TrophiesEdit

Jeff - Mother/EarthBound

New Assist TrophyEdit
  • Bandana Waddle Dee - Kirby

What he does: He'll chase after the opposing players and try to attack them with his spear by stabbing them in any direction, or throwing it like a javelin.


February Year 2

Yet another OC newcomer. This just keeps getting worse and worse...

Returning ItemsEdit
  • Steel Diver - Steel Diver
  • Super Scope
Returning Assist TrophyEdit
  • Saki Amamiya - Sin & Punishment
  • Dillon - Dillon's Rolling Western
Returning Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Gogoat - Uses Take Down
New Assist TrophyEdit
  • Rambi - Donkey Kong
What he Does: Similar to Gogoat, where he rams those who didn't summon him and you can ride on him. The only difference is that Rambi is faster and stronger, but takes awhile to charge up his Supercharge.

There's also a newcomer on the director's birthday...

The trailer begins with nothing but a cardboard box. As the camera slowly gets closer, someone was under it, revealing to be...

"You expected someone else? Too bad! Daniel time!"


"What's a 'Smash Bros.' without me in 'em?"

Yeah... Daniel from New Valver Heroes... Is in Smash Bros. Neo.

Well, true story short, he wasn't intended to be playable, but the wonderful director felt that the final planned starting roster needed more newcomers, so he wanted to expand it at the last minute but couldn't find any candidates that would take a short amount of time. So instead of doing so, he had no other choice but to pad-out the starting roster with another NVH character due to familiarity being the dominant choice.

Buy hey, at least he's got some witty one-liners said in the trailer...

"The name's Niel, Daniel! And I'm gonna rock your world!" - Before his moveset was shown.

"Mess with the best, lose like the rest!" - Fighting Pit

"Hail to the king, baby!" - Grabbing Zelda

"I'm gonna launch you into oblivion, you alien dirtbag!" - Fighting Ridley in the Pyrosphere

"AAAH HOO HOO HOO HOOEY!!!" - Being Star KOed by Little Mac

What? Oh, right, his moves! He's kinda like Alvin in terms of stats, but is faster when he's running, slower when walking, and isn't very mobile in the air. He's also got some ground combo potential with his quick punches and kicks, and even has a few Specials up his sleeve (even though he doesn't have any)...

So basically, he's a last minute newcomer added for familiarity (even though the other series already in Smash should be far more familiar), and he's entirely unique. Somehow.
You wish it ended there.


March Year 2

At this point in the topic, a recap of confirmed characters is posted. So far, of the five newcomers announced, three are from NVH, one is freaking Pulseman, and one's Inkling, the only one anyone actually wants.
Moving on...

Returning StageEdit
Returning ItemsEdit
  • Crate - Super Smash Bros.
  • Rolling Crate - Super Smash Bros.
  • Barrel - Super Smash Bros.
  • Party Ball - Super Smash Bros.
  • Smoke Ball - Super Smash Bros.
  • Sandbag - Super Smash Bros.
Returning Assist TrophiesEdit
  • Starfy - The Legendary Starfy
  • Chain Chomp - Mario
Returning Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Dedenne - Uses Discharge

We have a direct confirmed for April. I can't wait to see how this gets even worse.


April Year 2

April's reveals. Somehow, Sceptile is still considered relevant.

The direct begins... With a trailer of the 3 Mii Fighters (Brawler, Swordfighter and Gunner) being confirmed, along with character customization, and a new Equipment Shop that's used for you to buy Custom Equipment, Mii Outfits, Mii Hats, and even Custom Specials with your hard-earned Gold. In addition to the online modes returning as well, with Customs being legal to use in With Anyone mode on the Customs option (the "no customs" option is called "Default").

The 8-Player Smashes have been confirmed to return.

Then we go onto Stages.

The footage then shows off the stages that were already confirmed, but some unseen ones are shown.

New StagesEdit
Returning StagesEdit

Music selection has been confirmed to return, as well as unlockable CDs to, well, unlock some hidden tracks. Omega Stages are back, and now there are Alpha Stages, which are just like Omega Stages, only instead of the Final Destination layout, it goes into the Battlefield layout. There's also a hazard switch option to turn off Stage Hazards, Enemies, or Bosses in certain Stages.

Now we move on to the Items. The footage shows some already shown in the previous Pic of the Days, but some shown are new ones. Mostly returning because not a lot of new items were made in this installment.

Returning ItemsEdit
  • Gooey Bomb - Super Smash Bros.
  • Blast Box - Super Smash Bros.
  • Timer - Super Smash Bros.
  • Grass - Mario
  • Bob-omb - Mario
  • Fire Bar - Mario
  • Beetle - The Legend of Zelda
  • Screw Attack - Metroid
  • Heart Container - The Legend of Zelda
  • Maximum Tomato - Kirby
  • Smart Bomb - Star Fox
  • Deku Nut - The Legend of Zelda
  • Star Rod - Kirby
  • Superspicy Curry - Kirby
  • Bombchu - The Legend of Zelda
  • Hocotate Bomb - Pikmin
  • Spiny Shell - Mario
  • Ore Club - Kid Icarus
  • Beehive - Animal Crossing
  • Spring - Donkey Kong
  • Lip's Stick - Panel de Pon
  • Banana Peel - Mario
  • POW Block - Mario
  • Freezie - Mario
  • Unria - Clu Clu Land
  • Rocket Belt - Pilotwings
  • Special Flag - Rally-X
  • Boss Galaga - Galaga
New ItemEdit
  • Barrier Device - New Valver Heroes
What it Does: It's like the Back Shield from the last game, only except it covers you up entirely. It lasts for 30 seconds, but if it were to be hit, 1 second is reduced.

Now we go into the Assist Trophies. The ones already shown are shown off again, but some new and returning ones show up as well...

Returning Assist TrophiesEdit
  • Metroid - Metroid
  • Lakitu & Spinies - Mario
  • Lyn - Fire Emblem
  • Devil - Devil World
  • Andross - Star Fox
  • Dr. Kawashima - Brain Age
  • Mother Brain - Metroid
  • Midna - The Legend of Zelda
  • Ghirahim - The Legend of Zelda
  • Color TV-Game 15 - Color TV-Game
  • Elec Man - Mega Man
  • Shadow - Sonic
New Assist TrophiesEdit
  • Squawks - Donkey Kong
What he Does: He'll fly up and spits out nuts at the ones who didn't summon him.
  • Spring Man - Arms
What he Does: He'll move around and use his long spring-like arms to punch the ones who didn't summon him.
  • Veil - Pulseman
What he Does: He'll charge his Sparkling Mode and unleash his own Volteccer at those who didn't summon him. If it's a hit, he'll bounce back, but if it's a miss, he'll stop at where he's landing. If one who didn't summon him tries to attack him, he'll dodge backwards and counterattack with his Lightning Dash that'll damage them and charge his Sparkling Mode.
  • Urban Champion - Urban Champion
What he Does: He'll go right towards your opponents and will try to punch them, which will cause major damage and knock-back.

Now, onto the Poke Ball Pokemon. Master Balls are confirmed to return to unleash the rarer Legendary Pokemon more commonly than the Poke Balls.

Returning Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Eevee - Uses Take Down
  • Bellossom - Uses Sweet Scent
  • Chespin - Uses Seed Bomb
  • Metagross - Uses Earthquake
  • Staryu - Uses Swift
  • Inkay - Uses Topsy-Turvy
  • Chikorita - Uses Razor Leaf
  • Deoxys - Uses Hyper Beam
  • Entei - Uses Fire Spin
  • Meloetta - Uses Echoed Voice
  • Victini - Activates it's Victory Star Ability

New Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Donphan - This Pokemon will charge at opponents with Rollout. As it keeps spinning around, the attack will hit harder when it spins and hits again.
  • Lopunny - This Pokemon will jump in the air and use High Jump Kick 8 times, which if it hits, it's devastatingly powerful, but if it misses, Lopunny will slip and fall upon landing, reducing the amount of kicks it'll do by 1.
  • Hawlucha - This Pokemon will jump high into the air and make a hard landing with Flying Press. Think of it like Snorlax and its Body Slam, only more unpredictable, faster and deadlier.
  • Druddigon - This Pokemon will run after foes using Outrage. This attacks hurts, until it stops, confused.
  • Solgaleo - As soon as it is released from its Poke/Master Ball, this Legendary Pokemon will use Sunsteel Strike right in the direction its facing, causing major damage to those who get in the way.

Then the characters are shown off. Not a whole lot has been changed on the Veterans except for a few balances, but we get 2 confirmations during this time.


While showing Pac-Man, the Ghosts Assist Trophy is also confirmed.

Now this is the part where the Newcomers and their movesets and gimmicks are explained, like Inkling's Ink gimmick and Pulseman's Sparkling Mode gimmick.

Then we go into the return of Smash Run.

It's basically the same, but with some new enemies, 2 new maps that isn't just 1 map, a Power Shop where you can buy Powers with your Gold, and the ability to play it online or locally (up to 4 players).

Returning Smash Run EnemiesEdit
  • Glire - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
  • Glice - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
  • Glunder - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
  • Poppant - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
  • Roturret - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
  • Mites - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
  • Generator - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
  • Goomba - Mario
  • Big Goomba - Mario
  • Koopa Troopa (Green & Red) - Mario
  • Koopa Paratroopa (Green & Red) - Mario
  • Hammer Bro. - Mario
  • Shy Guy (Red, Blue, Green & Yellow) - Mario
  • Magikoopa - Mario
  • Kritter (Green & Blue) - Donkey Kong
  • Tiki Buzz - Donkey Kong
  • Octorok - The Legend of Zelda
  • Stalfos - The Legend of Zelda
  • Darknut - The Legend of Zelda
  • ReDead - The Legend of Zelda
  • Geemer - Metroid
  • Reo - Metroid
  • Kihunter - Metroid
  • Fly Guy - Yoshi
  • Waddle Dee - Kirby
  • Bronto Burt - Kirby
  • Shotzo - Kirby
  • Waddle Doo - Kirby
  • Gordo - Kirby
  • Bonkers - Kirby
  • Tac - Kirby
  • Gastly - Pokemon
  • Petilil - Pokemon
  • Chandelure - Pokemon
  • Cryogonal - Pokemon
  • Starman - Mother/EarthBound
  • Devil Car - Mother/EarthBound
  • Polar Bear - Ice Climber
  • Monoeye - Kid Icarus
  • Reaper - Kid Icarus
  • Skuttler - Kid Icarus
  • Skuttler Cannoneer - Kid Icarus
  • Skuttler Mage - Kid Icarus
  • Orne - Kid Icarus
  • Souflee - Kid Icarus
  • Mimicutie - Kid Icarus
  • Bulborb - Pikmin
  • Iridescent Glint Beetle - Pikmin
  • Pooka - Dig Dug
  • Bacura - Xevious
  • Egg Robo - Sonic
  • Mettaur - Mega Man

New Smash Run EnemiesEdit
  • Primid - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
  • Boom Primid - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
  • Fire Primid - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
  • Sword Primid - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
  • Scope Primid - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
  • Paragoomba - Mario
  • Boo - Mario
  • Chargin' Chuck - Mario
  • Klump - Donkey Kong
  • Klaptrap - Donkey Kong
  • Zinger - Donkey Kong
  • Moblin - The Legend of Zelda
  • ChuChu - The Legend of Zelda
  • Bokoblin - The Legend of Zelda
  • Zebesian - Metroid
  • Sir Kibble - Kirby
  • Poppy Bros. Jr. - Kirby
  • Blade Knight - Kirby
  • Robot Troop - New Valver Heroes
  • Robot Soldier - New Valver Heroes
  • Robot Elite - New Valver Heroes
  • Robot Enforcer - New Valver Heroes
  • Flying Gunner - New Valver Heroes
  • Flying Rammer - New Valver Heroes
  • Chomp Droid - New Valver Heroes
  • Mini Tank - New Valver Heroes
  • Mecha Goon - New Valver Heroes
  • Octotrooper - Splatoon
  • Twintacle Octotrooper - Splatoon
  • Octocopter - Splatoon
  • Octobomber - Splatoon
  • Octosniper - Splatoon
  • Baloon - Pulseman

More will be confirmed in the future.

After all that, the Direct ends with a character montage.


A Newcomer trailer happens!

It starts out in a grassy field, where we see Pikachu and Lucario watching from above a cliff.

The camera looks at the ground, where a Pokemon Trainer approaches, and the camera looks up revealing Red (Gen 1) with a Poke Ball. The camera then turns to see Serena (Gen 6) and Brendan (Gen 3), both of which are holding Poke Balls too. Red throws and unleashes Charizard. Serena throws and unleashes Greninja. And Brendan throws his and unleashes the Newcomer, the Grass Starter Pokemon from the Hoenn Region.


The gameplay footage then appears to show off what the 3 Pokemon can do. While Chariard, like the other Veterans, don't have anything new and aren't shown as much, and Greninja now has Battle Bond as a new Final Smash, which is pretty much a transformation similar to Lucario's Mega Evolution Final Smash, Sceptile, on the other hand, gets the most attention due to being the Newcomer.

Not only are these 3 characters confirmed, but the Kalos Pokemon League has been confirmed as a Returning Stage.

The trailer ends, and thus, the Direct is over.


May Year 2

May's reveals. Adeleine's a strange choice, but she's not bad, I guess?

Returning StageEdit
Returning ItemEdit
  • Team Healer - Super Smash Bros.
Returning Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Moltres - Uses Fly

But wait! Before May ended, a Newcomer was revealed before June began.

The trailer begins in a forest, where we see Kirby, Meta Knight and King Dedede walking down a field, they find someone familiar on a tree stump in front of a easel, where the person was painting a picture. As Kirby and the others went closer to see who was at the other side of the easel, they see a familiar face, turning her head noticing them coming by. The girl waves at them, and the splash art for the Newcomer appears.


Yep. Adeleine from the Kirby series has been made as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Neo after her long absence in the Kirby series.

Gameplay footage happens, showing off her moveset.

The trailer ends with her finishing up her painting of the Smash Bros. logo and showing it to the other three.

June (E3)Edit

June Year 2

NVH is now tied with Pokemon for most unique newcomers added in one game at 4. And it's still not over yet!

The following was confirmed pre-E3:

Returning StagesEdit

E3 time.

The Newcomer trailer starts off in a field with a drought. And then some rock formations are lifted from the ground, and on top of the middle and largest one is the Newcomer himself.


Gameplay footage happens.

During the trailer, Felix is an Assist Trophy.
He acts like how Isaac was an Assist Trophy back in Brawl, where he'll use the "Push" Psynergy spell, but unlike Isaac, if one approaches too close, he'll swing his sword at those who try to disrupt his attack.

And also during the trailer, Isaac's home Stage is the Venus Lighthouse. The layout has 1 main arena in the middle with 2 lower grounds on the sides of the higher and longer middle ground. There are also 2 floating platforms on the sides that don't move. A simple stage, but the background changes overtime from night to day, the well in the middle of background of the arena will light up and the middle platform will split into 2, with a pit in the middle, great for meteor smashes. As the Venus Becon is established, the middle will be 1 again, which will crush those who're trying to recover from falling into the abyss in the middle. This process repeats itself when the Venus Beacon flies off into the heavens and nighttime passes by again.

And that, along with Cloud's return trailer, was all revealed at E3.

...Until a week later, another trailer pops up.

It starts in a gameplay footage of the Central City stage, where Mega Mas is seen standing on the left rooftop, until another robot shows up right behind Mega Man via teleportation. As Mega Man turns, the camera then looks at the Newcomer of the trailer.


Yep, another NVH character who, like Daniel, wasn't planned to be playable from the start and was chosen to be playable at the last minute. Our unbiased director originally didn't want him to be playable because of his design being too similar to Mega Man, which was the point because he wanted to show Keiji Inafune, the creator of the Mega Man franchise, his respects. But he wanted to expand the starting roster of Newcomers, so, again, he had to use familiarity to make a character without delaying the game (which by the way, was set for November). Which makes absolutely no sense at all.

Ranger-X Max is a mighty glacier. He is strong and heavy to knock away, but is really slow and isn't very mobile in the air with his low jumps, despite being the smallest NVH character. He hardly has any physical attacks, just a kick, but it's all about the weapons in his X-Blaster. It has the standard shots that're like Alvin's Neutral Special (where it fires weaker projectiles and a stronger charged shot if you hold the button), but that's only his neutral attack. His other attacks involve using other weapons, such as the Laser Shot, the Energy Blade, the Photon Shield, the Grapple Hook and the Sonar Beam. Sometimes he equips his Elite Gear when doing the following: Dodging (using the Quick Boots), and using his Specials (Special Blaster).
Unlike the other characters, Max has different custom Specials that aren't just different variations of his defaults and are all available at the start, similar to the Mii Fighters.

At the end of the trailer, Ranger-R Mar, Max's newest but unfinished "sibling", appears to be an Assist Trophy. Mar will go around shooting his Pulse Shotgun, a laser that is really damaging up-close, but if he's far, the laser will split into 3-way shot instead, with each shot being weaker. He also fires a Spiral Cluster, a dual wavy projectile that's hard to avoid by jumping, and a Stealth Combust, a hard-to-see projectile that explodes at a certain distance.

At this point, the release is only five months away, which leaves plenty of time for anyone who somehow still hasn't cancelled pre-orders.

July, the Month of ItemsEdit

July Year 2

July gets two decent newcomers, but Eirika is admittedly still a bit of an oddball choice.

Returning StagesEdit
Returning ItemsEdit
  • Super Mushroom - Mario
  • Poison Mushroom - Mario
  • Super Star - Mario
  • Metal Box - Mario
  • Killer Eye - Kid Icarus
  • Dragoon - Kirby
New ItemEdit
  • Elemental Bombs - Super Smash Bros.
What it Does: These explode with 6 different elements with 6 different effects randomized, all of which covering the a certain area as big as 1/8 the size of Final Destination in 10 seconds with the selected element...
Fire: Covers the area with fire. Does multiple-hit based damage.
Ice: Covers the area with icy spikes. Freezes those who touch the spikes.
Lightning: Covers the area with a small electrical field. Stuns those who step on the field.
Earth: Covers the area with a tremor. Does major damage and buries those who are near the quake.
Water: Covers the area with a puddle of water. It's slippery when stepped on.
Wind: Covers the area with a small tornado. Does low damage, but it can suck up and blow away those who get near it at a pretty long distance.
Returning Assist TrophiesEdit
  • Infantry & Tanks - Nintendo Wars
  • Magnus - Kid Icarus
  • Phosphora - Kid Icarus
New Assist TrophyEdit
  • Sylux - Metroid
What he Does: He'll go around damaging foes with his Shock Coil. He'll also attack by using his Lockjaw form.
Returning Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Suicune - Uses Aurora Beam
  • Darkrai - Uses Dark Void
  • Kyurem - Uses Icy Wind
New Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Croagunk - This Pokemon will go towards foes, using Poison Jab. This will leave the foes with a flower on their head.
  • Elgyem - This Pokemon will use Psybeam at the ones who didn't summon it in any direction.

During this time, it's confirmed that the multiplayer modes are the same, and single player has Classic Mode again by showing Master Hand.

But some Smash Run enemies were also confirmed during the days of July...

Returning Smash Run EnemiesEdit
  • Bill Blaster - Mario
  • Flame Chomp - Mario
  • Banzai Bill - Mario
  • Spike Top - Mario
  • Plasma Wisp - Kirby
  • Bumpety Bomb - Kid Icarus
  • Flage - Kid Icarus
New Smash Run EnemiesEdit
  • Big Primid - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
  • Metal Primid - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
  • Bytans - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
  • Gamyga - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
  • Lakitu - Mario
  • Spiny - Mario
  • Buzzy Beetle - Mario
  • Pokey - Mario
  • Dry Bones - Mario
  • Spike - Mario
  • Tektite - The Legend of Zelda
  • Leever - The Legend of Zelda
  • Wheelie - Kirby
  • Aparoid Crawler - Star Fox
  • Cactuar - Final Fantasy

However, there was another Newcomer confirmed in this month. This is getting fast, eh?

The trailer begins with Marth, Samus, Alvin, Inkling, and Fox all in a field, when suddenly, a building that looks like an orange Empire State Building started to sound a military-like alarm, where a transport copter flew above the characters. As they looked above, the copter dropped off someone in a parachute, who upon landing, removes the backpack and takes out a large wrench, spinning it, saying, "Good thing I remembered what an airport was this time." As the camera panned up, the splash art appears.


Remember Advance Wars? That series which started out as Famicom Wars only for Japan, made by Intelligent Systems before Fire Emblem debuted? Yep. That series (under the name "Nintendo Wars") is getting a playable character, and Andy, from the first Advance Wars game to Advance Wars: Dual Strike, has been made as a playable character.

Gameplay footage happens.

Andy also has his own home Stage: Orange Star HQ. It's a simple plain with no pits, but sometimes the plain will change up, as APCs will arrive from the HQ itself, creating a solid platform as they park and wait, until they are ready to leave. Be careful, Bomber units from the Black Hole Army will fly over the HQ, dropping down 10 bombs from above that deal heavy damage. If an APC is there, it will get destroyed by the bombs. Both the APCs and Bombers will happen randomly.

The trailer ends with gameplay footage of Andy picking up an Assist Trophy, releasing the Infantry & Tanks.

Oh, did I say Newcomer? I meant, Newcomers. Another trailer was released more than a week later.

The trailer begins on a field, where someone was riding on a horse on their way to the battle between Charizard and Link. The battle was interrupted by the rider who created a spell circle around both Charizard and Link, causing them to fall asleep. The rider drops down and reveals herself as the newcomer.


Eirika from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, is now a playable newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Neo.


August Year 2

August's reveals. Takamaru... isn't bad?


All Veterans have been shown for the starting roster at this point.

Returning StagesEdit

New StageEdit
  • Temple of Time - The Legend of Zelda
Layout: It's a simple Battlefield-like stage with only 1 platform in the middle of the stage. However, as time flies, the temple will actually cause the characters to time travel to different eras in the Zelda timeline! Each era will have a different layout.

Minish Cap - Here, the characters will be on the gate arch of Hyrule Town. Since Minish Cap had a gimmick about shrinking, the characters themselves are small, and the town is actually big, including the gate arch.

Twilight Princess - Here, the characters will be fighting in the Castle Town's main square, where the fountain with the crest of Hyule is in the middle. There are no pits, but blast zones to the sides of this area.

Spirit Tracks - Here, the characters are on a moving train starting from Aboda Village to Hyrule Castle. It's quite similar to the Spirit Train Stage in the 3DS version of Smash 4 (which will not return in this installment).

A Link to the Past - The characters will be fighting on the castle walls on the southern side where the gate is. It's simple, but long. The eras are randomized, and once time passes, you'll be back in the Temple of Time, until the process happens again.

Returning ItemsEdit
  • Lighting Bolt - Mario
  • Bullet Bill - Mario
  • Bunny Hood - The Legend of Zelda
  • Cucco - The Legend of Zelda
  • Super Leaf - Mario

New ItemEdit
  • Chance Cube - Super Smash Bros.
What it Does: It's a die that can be picked up and thrown. 1 of 6 of the following will happen:
  • Restores you and your team's damage by 50%
  • Damages you and your teammates by 25%
  • Your opponents go to sleep
  • You and your teammates go to sleep
  • Your opponents are healed by 50%
  • Damages your opponents by 25%

All New Items have been confirmed. Only 4 though...

Returning Assist TrophiesEdit
  • Riki - Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Prince of Sable - Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru
  • Kat & Ana - WarioWare

New Assist TrophyEdit
  • Bubbles - Clu Clu Land
What she Does: Bubbles will fly around the stage in random directions. She'll hurt the ones who didn't summon her if they touch her.
Returning Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Giratina - Uses Dragon Breath
  • Lugia - Uses Aeroblast
  • Abomasnow - Uses Blizzard & Ice Punch

But that's not all. He also confirmed that all the modes in Stadium mode are back, Trophy Rush is back, and Special Orders are back. Speaking of orders, Crazy Hand has also been confirmed.

More Smash Run enemies have also been confirmed as well...

Returning EnemiesEdit
  • Bubble - The Legend of Zelda
  • Peahat - The Legend of Zelda
  • Zuree - Kid Icarus
  • Sneaky Spirit - Rhythm Heaven
  • Ghosts - StreetPass Quest

New EnemiesEdit
  • Like Like - The Legend of Zelda

That's all the enemies in Smash Run.

But now it's time for the biggest news, the Newcomer trailer!

The trailer begins in a Japanese field, where the petals of cherry blossoms fly from the wind. We then see Shiek and Greninja sneaking around, until they are stopped by... A samurai warrior.


Gameplay footage happens.

As the trailer keeps going, Murasame Castle has been confirmed to be Takamaru's home Stage. The layout is like this: 1 large base with pits in both sides. The castle itself has 5 roofs used as platforms, and both sides each have an elevating platform that goes as low as the second roof and rises all the way to the fourth roof.

After Takamaru's trailer, some special news happens on the next week.

It appears that Alvin has an alternate. It's his imperfect clone, Nivlax!

Yep. Just like in New Valver Heroes, Nivlax plays exactly like Alvin, hence why he's an alternate, but with different animations that share the same hitbox.


September Year 2

At which point Silvally became a meme.

Returning ItemsEdit
  • Golden Hammer - Wrecking Crew
  • Hothead - Mario

All Returning Items have been confirmed.

Returning StageEdit

New StagesEdit
  • Rainbow Road - Mario Kart 8
Layout: It's like Mario Circuit from the Wii U version of Smash 4 (which will not return in this installment), only instead, it's on the Rainbow Road of Mario Kart 8. Watch out for the racing Shy Guys when the stage gets on the track!
  • Meteo - Star Fox
Layout: This stage is somewhat similar to Poke Floats from Melee (which is not returning), only instead of giant Pokemon balloons, you're on the constantly-moving asteroids.
Returning Assist TrophyEdit
New Assist TrophiesEdit
  • Stanley - Donkey Kong
What he Does: He'll go around spraying his bug spay upwards at the ones who didn't summon him. The spays aren't very damaging, but at least it's good against those who're in the air.
  • Lyrik - New Valver Heroes
What he Does: Lyrik (Pronounced Lie-rik) von Dazzle will relentlessly swing his dual Forked Beam Sabers when he gets near the summoner's opponents, throws 3 Sting Kunai in a 3-way shot, and can counter those who hit him by slashing his Hidden Claws upwards and downwards. He doesn't run out in the open, he actually uses the stolen Camouflage Device on his chest to sneak up quickly to his foes without being noticed.

Returning Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Latias & Latios - Both use Steel Wing
  • Fennekin - Uses Incinerate
  • Xerneas - Uses Geomancy
  • Kyogre - Uses Hydro Pump
  • Genesect - Uses Techno Blast

New Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Tyrantrum - This fearsome Pokemon will follow its summoner's foes and chomping them with Crunch. Once someone is cause, they'll be being chewed on until Tyrantrum throws them to the ground.
  • Tapu Koko - One of the four guardian deities, Tapu Koko will use a Z Move rather than a normal Move instead. The Z Move it uses is Guardian of Alola, where it will go into the background of the stage summoning a huge yellow body with it being the head, slamming its fist on the stage itself, which will instant-KO anybody. This attack takes awhile for it to happen, but it will follow the player who didn't summon it who's currently in first, or second if the player in first was the one who released Tapu Koko.

As the days went on, another Nintendo Direct was on live, and it ended with a Newcomer trailer for Neo.

The trailer begins with Pikachu and Lucario on the rooftop of the Aether Paradise in Alola. There, they encounter another Pokemon on the rooftop, where it was revealed to be the Newcomer of the trailer as it roared for its splash art to appear.


Yep, another Pokemon has been made playable for Neo. And what better candidate than a Pokemon from the Seventh Generation?

Gameplay footage happens for Silvally, where it appears to be a heavy defensive wall against most attacks, since it is the biggest playable Pokemon of them all. All of its specials have different effects, all of which are randomized.
During the trailer, there was a new Stage revealed, the Aether Paradise. The Stage takes place on top of the building's rooftop, which is very flat, and has a few floating platforms on the left and right sides. It's a simple Stage, with an occasional Ultra Wormhole opening, releasing a Nihilego, one of the Ultra Beasts. But then, at the distance, the Pokemon Necrozma will show up as a Stage Boss. Necrozma attacks with either Power Gem, a gem-like energy ball projectile, Mirror Shot, a laser beam that hits multiple times, Psycho Cut, a slashing claw swipe attack, or its signature and devastating move, Prismatic Laser, a huge laser beam that can cause immense damage. If you KO Necrozma, you will earn a point in Timed Matches, like the other Stage Hazards and Bosses. If you take too long, Necrozma will fly away from the Stage.

The trailer ends with Pikachu and Lucario struggling to get up after being attacked by Silvally, until, another Pokemon appears behind Silvally, getting everyone's attention. The silhouette's 3-fingered hand looked like it was going to charge up what looked like a Shadow Ball, but the trailer ends by fading to black, leaving a cliffhanger. Spooky!


October Year 2

Yet another NVH character. Joy.

Returning Assist TrophyEdit
  • Sheriff - Sheriff

New Assist TrophyEdit
  • Squitter - Donkey Kong

What he Does: He'll shoot webs at the ones who didn't summon him. He'll also create platforms for himself to step on so that he can reach the higher places. Like Rambi, you can also ride him.

All Assist Trophies have been confirmed. None of them are unlockable.

Returning Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Arceus - Uses Gravity
  • Mew - Uses Fly (And leaves a CD behind)

New Poke Ball PokemonEdit
  • Lunala - This Pokemon will fly up in the air and uses Moongeist Beam against those who didn't summon it. This power attack is used up to 5 times, aimed at any foe.
  • Diancie - This Pokemon will fly up in the air and blasts those who didn't summon it with Moonblast. After using Moonblast, Diancie will then use Diamond Storm, which is a raining projectile attack of falling diamonds that'll hurt the opponents badly.

All Poke Ball Pokemon have been confirmed. None of them are unlockable.

Returning StagesEdit

New StageEdit
  • Mute City - F-Zero GX

Layout: It's just Port Town Aero Drive (which isn't returning), only except it's Mute City with different stopping points. Watch out for the incoming racers!

All starter Stages have been confirmed.

All-Star Mode has been confirmed, and like in Smash 4, you don't need to unlock it anymore, and it goes through the timeline route forward, like the 3DS Version.

Classic Mode has been explained further. Master Core has been confirmed with no new forms. The mode is back like how the original games made it, only now, the order goes like this...

Stage 01 - 2 Players
Stage 02 - 2 VS 2
Stage 03 - Giant
Stage 04 - 4 Players
Stage 05 - Team
Stage 06 - Stage Boss/Hazards (Yep, Stage Bosses/Hazards have more of a purpose)
Stage 07 - 2 VS 2 VS 2 VS 2
Stage 08 - 4 VS 4
Stage 09 - Metal
Stage 10 - 8 Players
Stage 11 - Mirror Match (You versus you)
Stage 12 - Fighing Mii Team
Final Stage - Master & Crazy Hand + Master Core

The difficulty selection is just like Smash 4's Intensity. To fight Crazy Hand, you must be at Intensity 3.0 or higher. To fight Master Core's forms "Edges" and "Shadow", you must be at Intensity 5.0 or higher. To fight Master Core's "Beast" form, you must be at Intensity 5.5 or higher. To fighter Master Core's "Giant" form, you must be at Intensity 6.0 or higher. To fight all of Master Core's forms, including "Fortress", you must be at Intensity 7.5 or higher.

But now, we get the final starter Newcomer for the roster.

The trailer begins with Sally, Daniel, an Alvin at Central City. (This is gameplay footage)

[Sally]: "C'mon! Don't be shy!"

[Daniel]: "This 'Smash' is actually gonna be fun!"

[Alvin]: "Don't worry about it, it'll be fine, trust us!"

The newcomer then says...

"I won't worry... Okay. I accept the offer, and will join you with the others!"


Yeah... A fifth NVH character... A third unplanned character. Actually, she was supposed to be an Assist Trophy, but that idea was changed due to me wanting to expand the starting roster of Newcomers.

Anyways, Isabella is a sub-par character. She's quite below average in power, speed and combo potential. But her Specials make up for that. (When she dodges, her Reflex Bandana is on.)

All Newcomers of the starting roster have been shown. Yes, really.

Yep, that's everything. Well... Almost everything, because he hasn't talked about a few unseen modes yet.

To the one person who's still pre-ordered, stay tuned for the Before-Release Extravaganza!

Starting RosterEdit

Starting Roster

Yes, really.

It really wouldn't even be that bad if it weren't for five unique NVH characters.
  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Bowser
  • Rosalina
  • Yoshi
  • Wario
  • Donkey Kong
  • Diddy Kong
  • Little Mac
  • Link
  • Zelda
  • Sheik
  • Samus
  • Zero Suit Samus
  • Pit
  • Palutena
  • Ice Climbers
  • Takamaru
  • Marth
  • Eirika
  • Ike
  • Robin
  • Kirby
  • King Dedede
  • Meta Knight
  • Adeleine
  • Fox
  • Pikachu
  • Lucario
  • Charizard
  • Sceptile
  • Greninja
  • Silvally
  • Andy
  • Ness
  • Captain Falcon
  • Alvin
  • Sally
  • Daniel
  • Max
  • Isabella
  • Villager
  • Isaac
  • Olimar
  • Wii Fit Trainer
  • Shulk
  • Inkling
  • Pac-Man
  • Mega Man
  • Cloud
  • Sonic
  • Pulseman
  • Mii Fighters


November Year 2

I like how the E is so light that it looks like it says Super Smash Bros. No.

The Before-Release Extravaganza was shown before the game came out, and the following new unseen things were confirmed...

New mode: Smash TeamEdit

Smash Team is basically Smash Tour, without the board game. Instead, you select your fighters with their numbered Custom Moves being set to either 1 (default), 2 or 3. You and 3 other players can select only up to 3 characters, and play a normal Stock Match with the selected characters being the stocks, with or without the time limit.

Event Match returns.Edit

The rules of Event Match are exactly like the Wii U version of Smash 4's Event Match. Only now, there is a total of 91 missions, and clearing 87 of the Events are required to get to the final 4 Events. The full map will be revealed once all of the unlockable content (which is hinted in this update) is fully revealed.

The return of Boss Battle Mode.Edit

In Stadium Mode, all the modes from Smash 4 are all back. But now, once you unlock all of the stages with Stage Hazards and Bosses, a Boss Battle mode will be unlocked. In this mode, you'll fight all of the Hazards and Bosses in a random order, then fight Master Hand, Crazy Hand and all the forms of Master Core at the very end. Crazy Hand and all Master Core forms can even be fought on Easy Mode.

Tourney returns.Edit

While all the online modes were confirmed back at the April Direct, along with Customs and Mii Fighters now being usable in With Anyone mode, Tourney is also back. There are no changes to how Tourney worked, but now it's not relegated to online anymore. That's right, local Tourney is back, and it's similar to Brawl's version.

Stage Builder Redone.Edit

Stage Builder is also back. All the parts from Brawl return (minus the structure parts), as well as Smash 4's cannons, large spring and lava. There's also 2 new Stage Parts...
Water Level - Place this somewhere, and water will be filled to the point of the area you placed the level in. But like actual liquids, if there are solid plains being used like a cup, the water will not be filled by the walls that are higher than the water level.
Bumper - These are kind of like the Bumper items, only bigger and are part of the stage. In addition, making the Stages in Stage Builder can be done with either Brawl's gridlock style or Smash 4's free draw style. Whichever one you prefer is up to you.
Here are the backgrounds that are usable (in addition to what Crate and Barrel designs are used in these stages).
Sky - Normal
Ocean - Normal
City - Normal
Volcanic - Normal
Space - Futuristic
Factory - Futuristic
Glacier - Presents
Blocks - Presents

From this point on, the weeks after the game's release will be revealing all of the unlockable characters and stages. Stay tuned.


Post-Release Secrets 1

Yes, Corrin returns. Not Mewtwo, Roy, Lucas, or anything. Just Corrin.

Post-Release Secrets 2

Wow, both Ridley and K. Rool are stage bosses. What a coincidence that has nothing at all to do with preexisting bias!

Post-Release Secrets 3

Just what everyone wanted, a third Samus. Disregard that people actually do want Dark Samus in this case.

Post-Release Secrets 4

Hey, he added Wolf back. That's something fans actually want.

Post-Release Secrets 5

Dr. Luigi and yet another OC. Yep.

Post-Release Secrets 6

Vaati's decent, I guess?

Post-Release Secrets 7

And the final newcomer is a seventh OC (eight if you count the alt)!

Post-release, several secrets were revealed.
Secret VeteransEdit
CHANGES: Falco has a new Final Smash called "Arwing", which is similar to Zero Suit Samus' Gunship Final Smash, only instead it shoots twin rapid-fire lasers.
How to Unlock: Clear Classic Mode on any intensity.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 10
Where you'll fight him: Corneria
How to Unlock: Clear Classic Mode without using a continue.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 20
Where you'll fight him: Windfall Island
How to Unlock: Clear 100-Man Smash.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 30
Where you'll fight him/her: Hoshido Plains
How to Unlock: Clear 10-Man Smash under 25 seconds.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 40
Where you'll fight him: Paper Mario
How to Unlock: Clear Master Orders on Hard.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 80
Where you'll fight him: Bowser's Castle
CHANGES: His Neutral Special, Warlock Punch, has been swapped with Warlock Blade, which was originally his Neutral Special 2.
How to Unlock: Clear Classic Mode on intensity 5.5 or higher without using a continue.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 90
Where you'll fight him: Hyrule Castle
CHANGES: His normal moves have been tweaked to not borrow other attacks from other characters, and now he has Lightning Tornado as a Final Smash, which involves Wolf using his Wolfen's Lightning Tornado move 5 times, similar to Latias and Latios using Steel Wing, only much faster and stronger.
How to Unlock: Place 1st in Solo Smash Run.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 100
Where you'll fight him: Lylat Cruise
How to Unlock: Collect 250 unique Trophies.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 110
Where you'll fight it: Gyromite
How to Unlock: Clear Classic Mode on intensity 2.0 or higher with 10 characters.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 140
Where you'll fight him: Flat Zone X
How to Unlock: Get 1 or more KOs in Cruel Smash.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 160
Where you'll fight them: Duck Hunt
CHANGES: Instead of Puff Up, Jigglypuff now has a new Final Smash called "Disarming Voice". This attack, while not very strong on the knock-back, can deal great damage and cannot be avoided.
How to Unlock: Unlock 10 characters.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 170
Where you'll fight it: Saffron City
Secret NewcomersEdit
How to Unlock: Clear All-Star Mode on Normal.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 50
Where you'll fight her: Gang-Plank Galleon
Moveset: Zoroark will use a few moves at its disposal, like Fury Swipes, Aerial Ace, Extrasensory, Shadow Claw, and Foul Play.
How to Unlock: Play 10 Mirror Matches in VS Mode.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 60
Where you'll fight it: Pokemon World Tournament
Moveset: Dark Samus' normal attacks are kinda similar to its counterpart, though some attacks that involve fire and explosions are changed.
How to Unlock: Clear Crazy Orders after 10 rounds and defeat Crazy Hand.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 70
Where you'll fight it: Tourian
Yep... Another doctor. Who's similar to his plumber counterpart, who's similar to his brother. Along with the 3 starting NVH characters, Dr. Luigi wasn't planned to be playable, but was added at the last minute because our benevolent director felt that the Mario series needed new blood, but he couldn't find any worthy and important candidates, so he had no choice but to give Luigi a Double Cherry and give the other Luigi a doctor's degree.
Moveset: He's exactly the same as Luigi, the only difference is that he's heavier for the attacks and weight, like Dr. Mario is to Mario. His Specials are also similar to Luigi's, but with a twist...
How to Unlock: Collect 30 different Equipment Items.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 120
Where you'll fight him: Luigi's Mansion
Remember when Slash was teased at the end of Alvin's trailer back at the very first E3 trailer? That was actually a hint towards the son of Bounty Hunter Axel being playable. Unlike Daniel, Max and Isabella, Slash was planned to be playable from the start, but as a secret character.
Moveset: Slash mostly uses his Beam Saber to attack, sometimes he'll punch and kick. He is a glass cannon, where he can dish out a lot of pain with above average power, has amazing combo potential, has a high jump with good air-game, and is really fast with his attacks and while he's running, but he's slow when he's walking and has a lot of knock-back due to his frail defenses.
How to Unlock: KO your Rival once and get 25 or more KOs in Rival Smash.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 130
Where you'll fight him: Central City
How to Unlock: Destroy 50 Blocks in Trophy Rush.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 150
Where you'll fight him: Temple of Time
It turns out that Wicked (Pronounced Why-ked) was also invited to be an unlockable character as well. Our brilliant director didn't even hint this guy until after Slash's confirmation.
Moveset: Wicked is super strong, and is almost as heavy as Ganondorf, only lighter. He can take less damage, but his attacks are slow and don't have combo potential. He fights with not only his strength, but also using his Darkness Power, a vile and destructive dark magic.
How to Unlock: Place 1st in Solo Smash Run with 5 characters.
VS Match Unlocking Requirement: 180
Where you'll fight him: Mechanical Island
Secret Returning StagesEdit
How to Unlock: Unlock Corrin.
  • Magicant - EarthBound Beginnings [Stage Hazard: Flying Man]
How to Unlock: Play as Ness 5 times.
How to Unlock: Perform End of Day (Olimar/Alph's Final Smash).
CHANGES: The stage now has 2 additional segments. After the S.S. Flavion segment (the second segment), the Glitz Pit from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door will be the next segment. The layout is a simple plain with the light fixture being a platform. The Glitz Pit champ, Rawk Hawk, will appear and actually attack the fighters head-on. He cannot be attacked like Flying Man or Nabbit though. The next new segment after Glitz Pit is the Shooting Star Summit from the original Paper Mario. The layout is basically the top of the summit with a ledge on both sides and a lower plain. The only hazard are the shooting stars, which can hurt, but are unpredictable whether or not they'll land on the stage or are just a background element. This is the only Returning Stage that has been updated.
How to Unlock: Collect 50 unique Trophies
How to Unlock: Collect 100 unique Trophies.
How to Unlock: Clear All-Star Mode.
How to Unlock: Place 1st in Solo Smash Run as Kirby.
  • Find Mii - StreetPass Mii Plaza [Stage Boss: Dark Emperor]
How to Unlock: Place 1st in Solo Smash Run with 3 characters.
How to Unlock: Get 120 KOs in Endless Smash as Link.
How to Unlock: Destroy 100 Blocks in Trophy Rush as Mr. Game & Watch.
How to Unlock: Unlock Duck Hunt.
How to Unlock: Unlock Jigglypuff.
  • Meta Crystal - Super Smash Bros.
How to Unlock: Clear Classic Mode on intensity 7.5 or higher.
Secret New StagesEdit
  • Windfall Island - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Layout: You fight on a floating platform by the windmill. The platform consists of 2 floating platforms that are angled. Sometimes, a wind storm will happen, which will push the fighters off the stage.
How to Unlock: Unlock Toon Link.
  • Gang-Plank Galleon - Donkey Kong Country [Stage Boss: King K. Rool]
Layout: The layout is similar to the Pirate Ship stage back in Brawl, only bigger and has a captain's quarters that's a higher plain. However, a Stage Boss will interrupt the match at the deck. It's King K. Rool! K. Rool will appear from the captain's quarters, and will do the following attacks: Charging, stomping from above by jumping, a ship-rocking quake that causes cannonballs to drop from the crow's nest, and throwing his crown. But once he throws his crown, that's your chance to attack him. If he's attacked enough times, he'll fall off the ship, which will give you a point in Timed Matches, like the other Stage Hazards and Bosses. If he isn't attacked enough times, he'll just go back in his captain's quarters.
How to Unlock: Hit more than 2500 ft. in Home-Run Contest.
  • Tourian - Metroid
Layout: A simple stage with 2 plains and a pit in the middle. Both plains have a small platform floating above the middle of each plain. Sometimes Rinkas will pop up from the ground to cause massive damage to those who get hit.
How to Unlock: Play on all 3 Target Blast stages.
  • Bowser's Castle - Super Mario
Layout: It has 2 main plains on each side, and a large lower center plain. There is only 1 platform in the middle. 2 Thwomps of each side of the middle plain will actually try to damage those who're under them, and Podoboos will actually pop up and down from the pits. Sometimes Kamek will appear to cast a spell, which will enlarge and power-up either both of the Thwomps or both the Podoboos for 15 seconds.
How to Unlock: Unlock Bowser Jr.
  • Bowser's Destroyed Room - Yoshi
Layout: This stage is intense! While the stage itself is pretty plain as it's layout is nothing but a rugged terrain with pits on both sides, that's not even what this stage is all about. Since this takes place in the past, Baby Bowser has grown huge due to Kamek's magic, and now wants to assault the players on this stage. When he roars, rocks will rise up from the ground and fall into the stage's terrain, creating gaps in the stage on where the rocks landed. Baby Bowser also spits out fireballs that will seriously burn anybody who got hit by the incoming projectiles. But worst of all, the baby Koopa king will be constantly moving toward the stage, which he'll break and instantly KO anybody that couldn't get to the safety platforms that spawn when he rushes as he gets really close. Once Baby Bowser passes through, the stage's terrain will be fixed, but the process will repeat itself.
How to Unlock: Place 1st in Solo Smash Team 8 times.
  • Gyromite - Gyromite
Layout: This stage's layout is basically a bigger Battlefield (not Big Battlefield, the platforms and plain are wider), but on the sides of the middle platform, there are the red and blue columns. The columns act like a wall and an elevating platform, where either colour will go up or down, or even both of them. Watch out when one of them goes down, you'll get crushed, which is an instant-KO. Sometimes, a Smick will appear to disrupt the fight by going in a set pattern until it is crushed by one of the columns. They cannot be attacked, but they do cause a lot of damage on you if you touch them.
How to Unlock: Perform Super Diffusion Beam (R.O.B.'s Final Smash).
  • Mechanical Island - New Valver Heroes [Stage Boss: Phantom Meta]
Layout: A simple plain with 2 moving floating platforms. Under the stage are 2 columns that hold the stage which can be used for wall-jumping, and 2 cannons that can bring the character back into the field. It's a simple stage, until the Evil Empire's ultimate enforcer, Phantom Meta, will show up to attack the intruders. Meta was originally considered to be playable, but I thought it was too powerful to be playable, so I gave it a Stage Boss role instead, and it's actually the smallest one of them all. Meta is relentless, it'll swipe its foes with its Plasma Talons, fly while somersaulting to slice its foes with the blade on its head, and even fires its signature Omega Ray from its palms, which is a fast and powerful laser that explodes upon impact. Sometimes Meta will either fight on the ground, or fly and fire some Omega Rays in the air. If Meta is damaged enough, it'll sometimes do its ultimate attack: The Omega Blast. This attack takes awhile to charge, but once fired, the blast takes up the entire stage, which can instantly KO anybody who's still on the stage. If Meta takes enough damage, it'll be launched into oblivion, a KO. If you take too long to KO Meta, the Imperial Robot will escape by flying away. When you're playing this stage, in the background, the Evil Empire's leader, Emperor... Wait... He's not in his throne? Where could he possibly be?
How to Unlock: Place 1st in Solo Smash Run as Alvin.
  • Flipnote Studio - Flipnote Studio (yes he really made it a location because of Alvin)
Layout: It's similar to the PictoChat Stages from the last 2 Smash Bros. installments, only instead, this one's Flipnote Studio. The drawings used to make platforms and hazards are random, and now the lines can be in red, blue, green and yellow, rather than just black. Red lines burn, blue lines freeze, yellow lines zap, and green lines put you to sleep.
How to Unlock: Get 100 KOs in 3-Minute Smash as Alvin.
  • Nintendo Land - Nintendo Land
Layout: The theme park itself is the entire plain, and the tower is both a wall and a platform at the top, which is really high, so there are vertically moving floating platforms on both sides to help you get up. There is a circling train going around the park. If it gets to the front side, you can ride it to get to the other side without getting past the tower. Sometimes ? Blocks will be shot out of the tower, containing items that you can use if you approach the box, or they'll explode. Monita can be seen at times watching the battle.
How to Unlock: Clear the True All-Star Mode on Normal.
  • Tetris - Tetris
Layout: A simple plain with no platforms. ...That is until the hollow Tetrominos show up to make some platforms for everybody to step on. As they fall, if a line is made, the Tetrominos pieces will disappear, and the Tetrominos above will go down. Watch out for the solid Tetrominos, they can crush you if you're under their landing.
How to Unlock: Unlock 15 Stages.
  • Subspace - Super Smash Bros. (Subspace)
Layout: It's just Battlefield... Only with the upper and lower platforms swapping places.
How to Unlock: Clear Event Match.


There's the event stuff, music, trophies, etc., but no one cares about any of that. The DLC can be seen in the full roster at the top of the page. It's still garbage. Not that it matters. The last topic ended before it got that far.

But for reference, the DLC characters are Dark Pit (yes, seriously. He made good on one promise, at least), 9-Volt (as if anyone even wanted him), E. Gadd, Ryu, Funky Kong, Arle, Lloyd, and Sora.


What the fuck is this Alvin shit? I'm not letting Bayonetta near that.

—Hideki Kamiya on why Bayonetta was cut while Sonic returned

Why exactly should we be grateful? Because you gave us your idea for what Smash 5's roster should be? Anyone in this topic can do that.

It'd be one thing if you were to fire up Unity and make your own Smash fan game, but it's not even that. It's literally nothing more than your dream roster. You can find hundreds of these on Gamefaqs alone.

You've provided nothing of value to us. The only interesting thing you've provided is your delusions of grandeur. Tell me, why should we be grateful?


Imagine thinking your dream roster is doing this board a service. Imagine being that delusional.


This is like shitting all over someone's room and when they're inevitably angry claiming that they're horrible for not understanding your art.

Is the Smash fanbase ungrateful no matter what? Maybe. Have you given something to them for them to be grateful about? No.


How come nobody's throwing a fit over K. Rool being a Stage Boss in the Gang-Plank Galleon stage?

—The level-headed director

NVH only has 2 stages, 2 Assists, 10 Enemies, and 2 Items. Mario still has more than that.

—Our logical director, making an entirely reasonable comparison.

So this test of showing the possibility to new developer bias has a verdict.

The Smash fanbase will never be pleased with new content.

—Our backtracking director.

So there's the cover instead of outright admitting "I blew it, guys. Sorry I didn't take your advice." Or "Perhaps I could have done better."

You tainted your study by believing your taste to be infallible. By believing your taste to be infallible, you believe your roster is the pinnacle of perfection, which it isn't. There's nothing saying we will never be pleased. If certain demands are met, we will be pretty pleased. Right now, we're pretty damn pleased with the DLC. The only problems mentioned are counters and ease of playing. Nobody is against the characters introduced by the DLC.

Go somewhere else, look at the review of the roster of Smash 4. Most would say, "pretty good" for Smash 4. The characters and variety. What you did was the opposite. You cut the variety in favor of your own biases towards some OC's, which would have caused a ton of backlash, especially with how much crap Fire Emblem gets right now. 7 characters from one franchise added to a game without any other notable characters is just bad.

This "test" is flawed. We all know it. Just admit you made a mistake, it's human, we understand. But to believe your opinion is infallible is just plain dumb.

Are you happy, I played this completely to your hypothetical, and the survey says this game would flop and leave New Valver Heroes tainted.

—iron610, chairman of the REMOVE OC'A conference, created in response to the presence of NVH characters on the roster.

Fred Flintstone

Fred Flintstone upon learning that he wouldn't be in the roster, but 7 OCs would.


Gheb's reaction to being deconfirmed.

Master Chief Lies

Master Chief was leaked at one point for E3 but never showed up, leading to speculation that he was cut.

Suffice to say, reception was not positive. Whenever anyone complained about an OC, the reasonable director pointed to NVH being the fourth biggest Nintendo franchise, as if that were an excuse. He abused the ignore function more than Kamiya abuses blocking, and he made empty threats and attacked everyone whenever any of his marvelous decisions were questioned.

He also was not kind to fans of the most highly requested newcomers, including Snake (at first), Fred Flintstone, Master Chief, Gheb, Shrek, and, for some reason, a lot of Dark Souls characters.

Character requests that were ignoredEdit

The following characters were requested at one point or another but didn't make it in.

  • Shrek
  • Snake
  • King K. Rool
  • Fred Flintstone
  • Donald Trump
  • Spongebob
  • Fiona
  • Donkey
  • Lord Farquaad
  • Puss in Boots
  • Blalvin, Fovalon’s original character
  • Barbara the Bat
  • Master Chief
  • Master Crap
  • Mister Chef
  • Arbiter (Halo)
  • Segata Sanshiro
  • Bloodborne Hunter
  • Commander Shepherd
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Sora
  • Mega Man.EXE
  • Sagi
  • Waluigi
  • Dr. Eggman/Robotnik
  • Layle the Crystal Bearer
  • Viewtiful Joe
  • Frank West
  • Bad boxart Mega Man
  • Zero
  • Bass.EXE
  • Dr. Wily
  • Character D
  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
  • Chun-Li
  • Blanka
  • Zangief
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • King Harkinian
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • Kanden
  • Goku
  • Simon
  • Theodore
  • Piros the Third
  • Hellion
  • Chase from Paw Patrol
  • Darth Sidious
  • Squidward
  • Gheb
  • Daisy
  • Freddy Fazbear
  • Rookie (Halo 3 ODST)
  • Etrian Odyssey 4 Loli Fortress
  • The Virtual Boy
  • Plumber/Doctor/Carpenter/Referee/Snake Charmer/etc.
  • Duke Nukem
  • John Cena
  • CDi Link
  • Andrew Dobson
  • Bigley
  • Le Lenny Face
  • Paula Deen
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Gwyn, Lord of Cinder
  • Coldsteel the Hedgeheg
  • The Cheese from Wacky Delly
  • Barry Bee Benson
  • Bubsy
  • Queen Ayrenn
  • Razum-Dar
  • Rundas
  • Beavis and Butthead
  • A Dirty Sock
  • Ridley
  • Solaire
  • Capra Demon
  • Saitama
  • Scuttlebug
  • Kooky Von Koopa
  • Cool Cat
  • Butch the Bully
  • Dunsparce
  • Kylo Ren
  • Haseo
  • Female Warden
  • Leliana
  • Enrique
  • Vigoro
  • Belleza
  • Bill from The Last of Us
  • Gordon Freeman
  • GLaDOS
  • Azure Flame Kite
  • Kat (Senran Kagura)
  • Liquid Snake (although Corrin did get in so close enough?)
  • Revolver Ocelot
  • Alex (Street Fighter 3)
  • 3 Slots for Sonic
  • Paul Blart
  • Boog and Elliot
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog
  • The Legend of Korra
  • Sargent Chief, Master Chief’s little brother
  • Avatar, the Last Airbender
  • Roy
  • Lucas
  • Napoleon
  • Dark Alvin (confirmed to be Alvin's eighth alt, but still not his own character, so...)
  • Katsuragi
  • Bayonetta
  • Marcus Fenix
  • Dominic Santiago
  • Cole Train
  • Damon Baird
  • Anthony Carmine
  • Benjamin Carmine
  • Clayton Carmine
  • Sonichu
  • Orenj the Hejhag
  • Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff
  • Adol Cristin
  • Owain
  • Bomberman
  • Any Konami character, really.