200px-Pyrrhon final
Registered On April 22, 2014
Karma Level 15: New User
Current Status Who Is This?
Gender Male
Nicknames and Alts Disciple of the Sun's Flare

SunGodPyrrhon on the scene!

—SunGodPyrrhon's catchphrase.

SunGodPyrrhon is a member of the Temple of Xod in possession of the title of Disciple of the Sun's Flare.


SunGodPyrrhon first made an appearance in GoomytheSavior's "Literally no chance of this game being better than Project M" thread as the first member of the Temple of Xod on the scene. He reported the topic immediately, and with the help of other Temple members managed to get the thread closed.

Pyrrhon, loyal member of his cause, is the only Disciple to actively monitor the Zelda Wii U board. While that board is thought to be mostly pure, he alone ensures that things stay that way, summoning Xod when backup is needed.


He's a pompous douchebag, rather in line with Pyrrhon's personality from Kid Icarus: Uprising.

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