I would absolutely love it if I got less attention.

—Stealth, while fishing for attention on the Smash board.


Stealth____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________, as pictured on the right, trying to assert his "might" and "popularity" over SmashFAQs.

RPGrinder is the original account of famous* Smash community member Stealth___. His greatest life accomplishment is being "Twitter buddies" with Rogersbase, that guy who recently stated that he had big info and he wasn't gonna tell the stoopid internet peasants. Shortly after this happened and people actually learned that the guy existed, Stealth______ decided to hitch on to the fame train by claiming that Rogersbase, being his 'Twitter buddy' and all, told him ALL ABOUT THE BRAND NEW SMASH WII U NEWS BUT I'M NOT TELLING BUT WHOEVER GETS REVEALED I KNEW IT BEFORE LOL, insisting that his 4,000 Twitter followers mean everything he says is the truth. Now, while Twitter followers may hear his claims and take them as legitamite, the GameFAQs Smash board wasn't as quick to believe them.

*according to Stealth___

As RPGrinder Edit


Grade-A RPGrinder Bait.

This mostly stemmed from the reveal that Stealth was also a member of the Smash Wii U board known as "RPGrinder." Described as "He who likes to debate, but he who falls for obvious bait", RPGrinder was a stupid asshole that nobody liked. He reported everyone's threads about characters he doesn't like by labeling them spam and claiming that everybody that posts about that character is a single person using like a million alts. Like when he claimed that WonkyKong, SaikyoBro, and HerbertMcGee were all the same guy. He also claims that every leak is fake except when it's from NeoGAF. Then it's 100% real, no questions asked! RPGrinder is basically Blulightning 2.0, only with aggression slightly toned down by stubborn and closed-minded skepticism taking the front. So when Stealth___________________________________________ noticed that the SmashFAQs users weren't kissing up to him like everyone else, he decided that action needed to be taken.

The Rise, Fall, Re-Rise, Re-Fall, Re-Rise again, etc. of Stealth_________ Edit

First, in order to save face, he told his Twitter friends that his RPGrinder account was "just trolling". Then, he made a new GameFAQs account, this time going by "Stealth____" While RPGrinder was a stupid asshole that nobody liked, Stealth____ was... still a stupid asshole that nobody liked. Like many a internet lolcow, he claimed he was "just trolling" before and proceeded to act exactly the same as before. He went on the Smash Wii U board attempting to justify himself, saying he's a REALLY credible leaker and has leaked BIG STUFF 3/5/10/whatever other number he pulled out of his ass different times beforehand! (But he'll never tell you what they are, just trust him that he did.) Needless to say, the Smash GameFAQs board savagely tore into him, and all the while he asked what he did to warrant said hate, pathetically attempting to justify his mindless reporting and general assholery. Eventually, he gave up and claimed to LEAVE GAMEFAQS FOREVER.

And then he came back the next day and it happened again. So he then claimed to LEAVE GAMEFAQS FOREVER. And this time he bitched and moaned about it on Twitter, so that means he really meant it.

And then he came back again several days later for more. Would the cycle ever end?

Yeah, it would. Edit

Nobody was ever sure if Stealth would finally stop being a shithead, until the day of October 20th, 2015. Stealth__________ was on the boards, as usual, saying that everybody who uses them are terrible, as usual, reporting everybody who insulted him, as usual, when something not very usual happened on other corners of the web. Stealth_'s senpai Rogersbase had posted on Twitter that he was beginning to doubt the info he was given, and finally revealed that he was told that there would be a Splatoon direct with a "smashing announcement" at the end. While the supposed leaker's intentions of what the "Smashing Announcement" meant were obvious, it was noticed that what Rogersbase stated differed from what Stealth stated. Stealth stated that he was told of several characters being added to Smash, and he wouldn't say who they were, but heavily implied it. And while Rogersbase erroneously said that he wasn't sure if the "smashing announcement" at the end of the Splatoon-focused direct would be a Splatoon character or Shovel Knight, it was clear that Stealth_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ had finally been caught, a conclusion made far more obvious by the fact that he had mysteriously stopped posting once Roger had revealed the info. Even on Twitter, where he has been talking shit up since day one and still does, he hasn't even mentioned all of the nonsense since Roger let the cat out of the bag.

Stealth returned October 26, in response to a topic made about his fake leaks. Once more, he attempted to prove his innocence by spouting crap about it being the original source's fault, despite the fact that the source's credibility was his only semi-legitimate means he used to validate his claims. After about six pages of roasting, he finally left again, and has yet to respond to any arguments left in the topic questioning his validity. However, it is largely likely he will return later on.