Space Pirate Captain
Species Space Pirate
Homeworld Space
Series Kid Icarus
Affiliation Space
Gender Male

Yarr, I'll make ye walk the space-plank, scurvy dog!

—Space Pirate Captain (according to Palutena)

The Space Pirate Captain is one of the most wanted newcomers of all time. As in, he's been wanted since Melee even though he didn't exist back then.

Role in the GamesEdit

Get this - he has the Three Sacred Treasures... IN SPAAAAACE!!!

So Pit goes to stop him, but he's just too powerful, so he decides to give Pit a fighting chance by letting his grunts do the dirty work.

But then he's so powerful that Sakurai had to program in a Space Krakken to eat him just so that Pit would be able to get the Treasures (because without them there wouldn't be a game).


  • He's more powerful than Dyntos
  • He uses futuristic space stuff in a game based on Greek mythology
  • He's the most important character in the game
  • He's in space
  • It's rumored that Sakurai cut him from the game because he was too OP

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