Sonichu Smash
Species Electric Hedgehog Pokemon
Homeworld Cwcville
Series Sonichu
Affiliation Rosechu, Christian Weston Chandler
Gender Male

Sonichu is a mix of Sonic and Pikachu. Some dude named Christian Weston Chandler made it into a comic which is when Sonichu was born.

Life Edit

He used to be a Pikachu, but then Super Sonic ran into him and a rainbow was made which hit a Raichu and that turned the Raichu into Rosechu and became a hedgehog. Yeah, I know. It's really stupid. His 'father' Christian trained him. He fell in love wihh a hybrid of amy rose and Raichu (which is basically amy with raichu's tail) called Rosechu and fathered 3 children with her. He also made many friends and enemies like Black Sonichu, Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc, and Mary Lee Walsh. But I won't go into detail about his life since if you do want his whole life story, it can be located here:

Why is he famous? Edit

Well, probably, one day, someone was searching for pictures of sonic and decided to type in 'sonic and pikachu' and then this fucker came up in the search results. He was probably like 'wtf dis is amazing i need to tell mah homies bout this shit'. Which he did, and his homies told their homies that told their homies that told the rest of the internet and then the Sonichu comics got past issue 4.



Don't worry this is relevant

In Super Smash Bros. Edit

Sonichu's creator, Chris Chan, has recently requested that people vote for Sonichu to be playable in Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U as DLC. Chances are that this will be just as successful as Team Meat, Oddworld Inhabitants, and the Adventure Quest Worlds people's campaigns.

Fanart? Edit

Belive it or not, people draw fan art of him. Most of the time it's shitty because it's probably making fun of Sonichu instead of praising sonichu (like the GoddessRosa1inapocalypse), but the good stuff is pretty good. It shouldn't be... Those poor people wasted their lives drawing that good shit... Or maybe Sonichu's story is really that good? Nah... Can't be.

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