Smegma Man
"Smegma man" is a fabulous meme started in zero_x300's topic; "Smegma man's custom move set potential". It's probably the fucking dumbest misspelling of anything. It's worse than Vikkager or Splatoon Gets A Sexual. I.. I give up...

Chant Edit

This is what you chant whenever he's in battle.

Smuper Smiting Smobot, Smegma Man!

Smuper Smiting Smobot, Smegma Man!

Smuper Smiting Smobot, Smegma Man!

Smiting smo smave, sma smorld!

"Smi smust smave sma smorld!" - Smega Man

Relatives Edit

Smrg msn

Never let Miko paint on paint. (Or paintbrush in her case)

One wonderful day, Mikokiri decided to Draw Mega Man on paint using her non dominant hand, with a trackpad, no undos allowed and no reference pictures. Then she titled her final product by using her non dominant hand to type the name out, without looking at the keyboard. Thus, Smegma Man's cousin Smrg Msn was born.

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