Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot is on the Smash website where you can vote for what the next DLC character should be. List below your username and what character you voted for.

The reason the smash board came back to life. Note, it was also around Easter time (which apparently means something for some reason)...

energyman2289 - Ridley, Paper Mario, Isaac and Ghirahim

kidmf935 - Isaac

Rad Dudesman - King K. Rool

Divine_shadow_ - Isaac

Pnkgoldcatpeach - Serperior and Dark Samus

Svedeesh_Cheff - Snake

player_hater - Paper Mario

Jj - Knuckles and Roy

Jast Bish - Freddy

Phantom Dusclops'92 - Wonder Red, Scizor and Diancie

It ended on October 3rd. Of course, users expected some sort of announcement immediately. And three days of withdrawal caused a "leak" by RPGrinder and some guy who's apparently credible but has been wrong before to become the major talk of the board. Yeah.

And then...Edit

Bayonetta won.