Species Space Britbong
Homeworld Bionis
Series Xenoblade Chronicles
Affiliation Good
Gender Male

The future doesn't belong to you!


Shulk is the protagonist of the game Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii. He's blonde and has a British accent. He also wields a sword called the Monado that allows him to predict the future.

Prior to his confirmation, Shulk was a member of the Gematsu Three alongside Chrom and the Chorus Kids.

On August 29, 2014, Shulk was officially announced to be a newcomer in Super Smash for Wii U and 3DS! Now it's Shulk Time!

Shulk Forsees a Fight!

Backstory and PersonalityEdit

Shulk gets involved in a war against the Mechon, a race of robots, after they attack his home in Colony 9. Using the Monado, he figures out where to go and what to do to defeat the Mechon. Eventually, the day is saved and the future is changed.

He's very determined, using the best of his abilities to prevent bad visions, such as a character dying, of the future from coming true. These visions also have a role in gameplay, allowing him to see ahead of time an attack that could kill him or an ally and prevent it from happening. His visions help him through a lot of the game, and are a key component of Shulk's character.




  • He is really feeling it.
  • He's 18, so he's definitely legal, as evidenced by his son, Shrulk.
  • He's one of the newcomers predicted in the Gematsu Leak.
  • Despite some misunderstandings, Shulk is 100% owned by Nintendo and not a 3rd-Party character. While Monolith Soft created the game, Monolith Soft is completely owned by Nintendo and Shulk is a 1st-Party Nintendo character.
  • He was seen as extremely likely despite only being in one game in a series that only had one game when the roster was decided because Sakurai likes Xenoblade, even though he's started tweeting less for the exact reason that whenever he talks about video games fans think the character is confirmed.
  • Sakurai said "Fuck it." on August 29th, 2014, and revealed Shulk as a playable character.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the title of the trailer, "Looks Like We Don't Have a Choice," has nothing at all to do with the leak and is instead a reference to a line Shulk says when battling strong foes in Xenoblade. Honestly, why would Sakurai go out of his way to reveal one character in response to leaks when the game was about done, Shulk was on the starting roster, the reveal order had already been planned out, and the reveal was done to coincide with the reveal of Xenoblade 3DS? Think, people.
  • His reveal was actually just trolling, since he and Little Mac both have faces. He's clearly not in, guys.
  • One of his alts has him wearing less clothes than any of Samus' alts. Happy now, guys?
  • His accent is so British that it hurt Mikokiri's ears upon hearing his voice in the trailer.
  • Shulk Time is approximately 3:30 PM GMT.
  • After the events of Xenoblade, the Monado ended up giving birth to Raven Baxter.
  • The "I'm really feeling it" meme was forced by people who wanted to make a meme, for whatever reason. For evidence of this (aside from how the line really isn't that notable in Xenoblade, the trailer, or Smash), look back to the initial Robin reactions (specifiaclly, the ones that had nothing to do with Gematsu). They tried the very same thing with "time to tip the scales."