Species Ogre
Homeworld The Swamp
Far Far Away
The United Soviet Socialist Republic
Series Shrek
Affiliation Donkey
The other son
Gender Male

It's all ogre now.


Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

Shrek is a Fairy/Poison type Pokémon that was confirmed for Smash probably. His finisher is the onion butt plug.

He has 2 children, Shadow the Hedgehog and one other secret child.


Shrek was confirmed for Smash Bros. in May when I saw someone on Miiverse asking Sakurai for Shrek and we all know that he reads these posts and he clearly thought it was a great one.

Earlier, He was discussed during the Smash Bros. Direct, where Sakurai revealed that, despite still being in the game, Shrek would no longer get any website pictures. Sakurai also discussed why he chose to include Shrek.

At the Smash Bros. Q&A Roundtable during E3, Sakurai officially revealed Shrek, complete with a newcomer trailer.

Many people said that Shrek shouldnt be in the game because he is a movie character. Sakurai disaggred to that, and says that Shrek has earned his place for SSB4.

Relevance to GameFAQs Smash BoardEdit

Shrek shows up a lot, which is fair, since He is the best character anyone could ever hope for. He also influences an influx of Is Love, Is Life topics, although nothing will ever compare to the original story.

Do People Want Him?Edit

Some people say that Shrek is drek, but I need to dispel that rumor. Shrek is not drek. Shrek is love and life, but not necessarily drek.

WHY Do People Want Him?Edit

Because we hope that one day he will fill our anuses with hot and steamy onion juice and by making him part of the smash series he will finally achieve our wishes.

Shrek Topic ArchiveEdit

Unlock MethodEdit

Turns out that when Alfonzo joins the battle, Chrom is in charge of the train.

If you have a battle on the Spirit Train with Toon Link, Alfonzo and Robin, then use Robin's Final Smash, Chrom jumps away from the controls of the train and helps Robin. Since nobody is driving the train, it crashes into a swamp. Shrek jumps out of the swamp and yells, "Get out of my swamp or it's all ogre for you!" Then He attacks. If you can defeat Shrek, you unlock Him as a playable character. A second option would be that you do the same as above. Once he jumps out of his swamp, you must get on your hands and knees and prepare yourself for Shrek's hot, steamy, onion love.

For the Wii U version, it is a little different...

You have to be playing as Ridley and Alfonzo and Robin on Pyroshphere, since normally Alfonzo replaces Ridley but since he's in the battle, Chrom has to replace him. You have to use Robin's final smash when Chrom is pretending to be Ridley. Once Chrom is teleported home after the FS the battle will reset and the next person to replace Ridley will in fact be Shrek. You have to then Defeat Shrek in the battle to unlock him.


Known SupportersEdit

Add yourself or others you know to this list if you or they are Shrek supporters:

  • Everyone
  • Especially me, ecylisis
  • Shadow
  • JennTeamMagma
  • Wario

Known Anti-SupportersEdit

Add yourself if you reject Shrek, but beware, doing so will label you as a blasphemous Farquaad and a follower of Drek.

  • Nobody
  • Dark Pit
  • fox, the furry reject

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