Alicorn oc you say by shadowpredator100-d5tvaiw

One day, Pat and Miko decided to look for Shitty MLP OCs. They found so many bad ones that they needed to make a page to express how bad they are. There are also bad OCs that don't belong to MLP (such as sonic and some bad OCs which are a minority for the Fan group the bad OCs come from).


Your reaction to all the OCs

How to make a Sonic OC06:44

How to make a Sonic OC

Know the difference between Shitty and Original Sonic OCs with this how-to video!

Original Character01:02

Original Character

An important video on Shitty OCs.

Full clarification: this Page is about people who want there "ORIGINAL CHARACTZZZZZ PLZ DON'T STEALZZZZZ" in Smash...It's not gonna happen but dammit they're gonna try anyway!

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