Account Created February 10, 2014
Karma Level Some Number
Current Status Occasionally Visits
Gender Female
Alts Too Many
Nicknames Shanikua


—Shaneikua, GameFAQs

Shani is the creator of this Wiki and was an active member of the SmashFAQs community.

Smash BoardsEdit

Shani used to troll the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U board, often posting misleading topics and fake leaks. Her topics covered a variety of material. She often attacked other users in jest, but greatly enjoyed some of their infuriated responses. She also enjoyed creating troll topics that were made to purposely anger other users.

Shani had many alternative accounts on GameFAQs, with many of them being banned after a few days. This has lead to much confusion to other users on whether or not Shani is a new user or naw. This also made it incredibly hard for users to contact Shani, since she usually was using some other alternative account and could not notice any private messages sent to her other accounts.

She worked on the visual for the Community Roster and managed the SmashFAQs Wiki.


The idea for Shani's account was conceived when she discovered the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Board. She decided that she would make an account with a gimmick to act like a stereotypical black woman, true to her real life nature, and used the name Shanikua. Shani then began her quest for fame, entering the board which was still recovering from Queen Rosalina's reveal. She went by the name Shani at this time and started to make several topics on the board, with the subjects ranging from guns to black representation in the media. She slowly built up a notorious reputation on the board, her leaks and slangs confusing the public. Along the way, she made several friends, including ToastyPudding and SmashingBros, who befriended her for some strange reason.

Shani eventually became infamous on the boards, known for her sassy nature, fake leaks, and many alternative accounts. She befriened the board's original queen, sylawatch, and made other friends, including energyman2289, Mikokiri, Nielicus, xgiraffex13, and DeZA. She also had a very public feud with Ghasts. At this time, Shani's nature as a troll was put on blast, but she continued to talk trash, get banned for offensive messages, and then come back. The wiki was created around this time.

Shani was banned again, but decided to take a break from the board. During this time of rest, Shani attended to the wiki. When she came back, she befriended the reigning queen at that time, GoddessRosal1na, because sylawatch had also taken a break from the boards after dragging some poor hoe. She also made friends with more users, such as Master_Radori, and user NintendoIsBeast had confessed to Shani his fantasy of making love to her. However, Shani's fame had fallen during these times, with many users mistaking her for some new user making suicide posts.

With several accounts now banned, Shani was running out of user names for herself. She then chose to use the names Shani and Shanei for her alternative accounts, neither having the same impact as Shaneikua. All of those accounts were short-lived, and they were banned. Shani saw a short resurgence in relevance, but her efforts were shut down by the mods and she flopped again. She made even more friends during her short term resurgence, like Swiftie_Muggle, QueenLUCiNA, and even making ammends to Michaeloll. However, the moderators had enough of her shenanigans and IP blocked her from GameFAQs, never to visit the site again.

She is no longer IP blocked and visits time to time.


Shani does not take shit and will not let a hoe talk shit. If anyone has a problem with Shani, she is not afraid to speak her mind and cuss that bitch out. She often expresses the need to snatch the weaves off other users' heads and drag them back to the sewers where they belong. In recent times though, Shani has calmed down and is trying not to get banned as much. However, Shani has been shown to still verbally attack other users when provoked.

She also has a tendency to troll and insult people for no reason. However, she does not harbor any true hate for anyone, except for a few individuals. This is mostly done for fun.


Everyone Edit

Shani hates everyone.


  • Shani is a strong, indepedent black woman.
  • She is a huge fan of female pop stars.
  • She loves eating cheesecake and drinking vodka.

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