september 7th, 2014 was a day filled with much confusion due to the recent Japanese Demo and a few miscommunications with SmashBoards, causing a few users to get angry.


  • The aftermath of the Japanese demo was still in effect as fans absorbed the new information given to them by Zipzo, who held a Q&A.
  • Among these confirmations were some alts - most notably Alph and Fierce Diety Link, both were met with positive reactions
  • However, the absence of a Daisy alt caused yet another surge of Daisy topics, Fox was revealed to have a Wolf based alt, leading many wolf fans to accept his apparent disconfirmation, and a Diddy alt that looks strikingly similar to Dixie.
  • The most notable event of the day, however, was a peculiar comment from SmashBoards by user NeoZero, who strongly hinted that the roster from the ESRB Leak was not the complete one. This made many users happy. However, that was not the end. NeoZsro than partially took back his claims and said this wasn't confirmed information and then proceeded to insult GameFAQs. Many users got angry.
  • In the midst of all the chaos, WonkyKong claimed to be getting the game early, hyping

Many people.

  • Finally, notorious leaker vaanrose made a topic setting things straight about all of the relevant leaks, the topic was quickly stickied.

A CSS showing a few revealed alts.

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