The Medic Himself Edit

Selfsavingmedic is a 19 year old guy from a small town in Iowa. He enjoys many games from JRPGs to Shooters. With Tales of series, Smash Bros, and Pokemon being his all-time favorite game series. Currently he finds himself spending a lot of free time on GameFaqs discussing Smash Bros with other users. As he's found this to be highly entertaining.

Phantoon's Biggest Fan Edit

Selfsavingmedic began his mission on Gamefaqs originally as a troll. Something that was highly overdone and done way better by other people. But it was the only way that Mr. Medic could get his shot at fame on Gamefaqs. After a few trolling thread and his first warning, he decided that this wasn't the path that he wanted to take. Instead he decided he wished to have logical debates with other users and make quick first response that were hopefully witty. While at the same time creating topics in hope of creating discussion about interesting things that could be added into the Smash Bros franchise.

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