Species Space Human
Homeworld Space
Series Metroid
Affiliation Bounty Hunter
Gender Female

Remember... I could do a lot worse than send you to prison, boys!


Samus is a straight bitch from space. She got some neon kicks, some cute bracelets, and absolutely flawless makeup on. She also has a neat suit that she sometimes wears when she's not whoring around. She is most notable for being Ridley's arch-enemy, due to the purple dragon having killed her parents when she was a toddler.

In Smash Bros., she is playable in her classic armored form (simply called "Samus") and her sexy catsuit underwear form (called "Zero Suit Samus" to differentiate her). They were made separate characters in the fourth game, giving us a very odd situation where we only have two Metroid reps who are both the same person, much to the chagrin of users like yuoke who want Ridley to be the second rep instead.

Hoo's Samus?Edit


An in-depth look at Zero Suit Samus and Wii Fit Trainer going at it.

Samus is the ass-kicking Queen of Zebes or whatever the fuck it's called. She's raised by the Chobos or something and they're super dumb looking so who knows how to feel about them. Anyways, she's got orange armor which looks cool, I guess, but let's be honest here. Everyone prefers Zero Suit Samus because she has massive jugs, except for Svedeesh_Cheff who has a massive boner for her awesome Star Wars-esque Power Suit (as well as her herself).
Motivation captain falcon by songue-d4rohk5

Samus being groped by CAPTAIN FALCOAN. And enjoying it very much.

Samus is currently in a relationship with Little Mac. However, outside of her suit, things are certainly heating up between her and Wii Fit Trainer. She's also dated Snake in the past, and is currently cheating on Little Mac with her ex (and rival bounty hunter) CAPTAIN FALCOAN. But it's good for everyone because every man knows that CAPTAIN FALCOAN deserves his woman more than he does, and he then proceeds to become CAPTAIN FALCOAN's sex slave himself.

Samus and RidleyEdit

When she was a little girl, Ridley accidentally sat on her parents and killed them. This event caused Samus to shout very mean things at Ridley, causing him to have false conceptions about himself. Samus herself strove to become skinny and fit as possible, to avoid accidentally sitting on and killing someone's parents.


Crawling - How does Metroid crawl?

Shooting - She shoots lemons, like Mega Man.

Screw Attack - Does a spinny thing.

Zero Suit SamusEdit

In Brawl, Samus got an alternate form known as Zero Suit Samus, who got a completely separate character slot in the fourth game. This is basically Samus stripped of her power suit to reveal her skin-tight latex bodysuit underneath. She is by far the most popular waifu in the game, but some people find her to be a bit oversexualized. Keep in mind that the Power Suit is half of what makes Samus awesome, so playing as Zamus is kind of like playing as Tony Stark without his Iron Man suit. Hmmm...

What the hell is "The Baby"?Edit

The Baby is all this soggy bitch talks about in Metroid: Other M. Do not look into this game.

Her Ass Edit


Samus's ass.

She has one of the greatest female asses in Smash Bros history.

Many users, such as NaughtyGhost, have made the observation that Samus's ass grew inbetween games and is much more rounder than before. Others, like GF_Sybb, take the obsession to a disturbing degree.

There has been much research on the shape of her ass in the games.

Trivia Edit

  • Samus has the most fan artwork out of all the female Smash characters.
  • In her Zero Suit form, she is also the most popular waifu among the cast outside of SmashFAQs.
  • While Other M completely destroyed her character, quite a few fans are optimistic for her future since it's Nintendo, not Sakamoto, who owns the Metroid franchise, and Sakamoto is too busy swimming in his Tomodachi Life cash to return to the franchise and prevent it from being handed over to his arch-enemy Retro Studios. Sure, Federation Force happened, but we're talking about Samus herself.
  • Regular Samus has the most fire-based attacks of any Smash character, even more than CAPTAIN FALCONE, Charizard and Roy - while Bowser only has one fire attack. Wrap your head around that.

Users Who Main SamusEdit

Regular SamusEdit

Zero Suit SamusEdit

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