Artist's depiction of Samurai

Samurai is one of Sakurai's ancestors. Back in the days of feudal Japan, he was a samurai, as the name may make you think. Samurai was a legendary war hero, known for his strange ways of taking down his foes. Samurai jumped, threw explosives at his foes, and falcon punched the fuck out of them. This inspired Sakurai to create Super Smash Bros series as we know it.

Samurai Today Edit

While you'd think that a warrior from feudal Japan would be dead in 2014, Samurai isn't. Apparently, he is still alive and well, though, as people like GameXplain have stated that Samurai was talking at the Super Smash Bros Q & A. Many people on Miiverse erroneously ask him to put characters into Super Smash Bros.

Trivia Edit

  • Samurai's war cry was "Show me ya moves"
  • Masahiro Sakurai was going to put Samurai in Smash Bros, but he was way too OP, so Sakurai massively nerfed him and put him in the game as Meta Knight.
  • Samurai was apparently at the Super Smash Bros Q and A
  • His first name is Mashpotato.
  • Samurai was apparently forced to make the Smash 'ballet'.
  • Samurai pls put Goku in Super Smash Bros.

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