A complete failure who attempted to troll the Wii U board during October. He and all his alts were banned the day after they joined (Between October 4th and 5th, 2014).
649monsters ho oh by biscuitcrumbs-d5dgq2n

How he sees himself...

Failure businessman suit white background shout 79867 1920x1200

... what he's actually like

Story and GimmickEdit

On October 4th, three accounts Joined the board with the purpose of "educating" the board. Calling everyone who disagrees a pleb or heathen and  linking them to the page where they can close their account. A third alt was made the next day, but it was suspended with his others. The day he joined he joined, he left a message telling people of his arrival.

He failed to follow up (Mods actually did something good for once.)

What his goal of educating people of was how only high class or divine characters (and Shirtless Ike) are allowed. This has led to JorentyIII dubbing him as "RichBitch."

His final account was banned on Haloween, 2014.


  • RoyalHo-oh
  • AdmirableEntei
  • RighteousRaiku
  • SuperiorSuicune
  • CelestialCelebi

All of them are now suspended.

He came back as a user named LaudableLugia, but then stopped posting. LOL rich bitch, stay stupid.


Nothing but a few users typing LOL in reaction.

To his credit, he would've been a really effective troll. But we won't know for a while...

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