Registered On July 14th, 2013
Karma Level 32
Current Status Active
Gender Guy
Nicknames and Alts None

Lucas can go suck it. Louie for Smash!

—RotomGuy3, GameFaqs

I did not have sexual relations with that carrot.

—Probably something he said.

RotomGuy3 has been present on the Smash boards forever, but only recently has he started using his gimmick. He constantly persists that Pikmin is underrepresented and needs more items and characters, and that Mother was overrepresented in Brawl and Lucas should be cut.

Board StatusEdit

RotomGuy3 makes normal posts every now and then but no one cares about that. He is known for his Pikmin love and Lucas hate, and half the time Alph/Louie/Pikmin is mentioned, another user pipes up and says "inb4rotomguy3"

RotomGuy3 outdates quite a few users, including LordCarlisle and Shaneikua, but due to only beginning the pushing of his gimmick recently, he has not attained their status on the board.

He survived the Mass Account Closing of '14.


RotomGuy3 pushed Yingle to memetic status and loves the Alfonzo meme.


Ghasts The pair have a rivalry, with Ghasts typically telling Rotom to close, and Rotom telling Ghasts to be ashamed.

ShiniOfMadness - Due to his support of Louie, it didn't take long for these two to become friends. Shini often supports all of RotomGuy3's Pikmin movements, and joined the Alliance

ThisAnvil - At first, ThisAnvil and RotomGuy3 were at each other's throats. However, after pushing aside their contrasting character support on the Mario Kart 8 boards, the two made amends.

LordCarlisle - RotomGuy3 originally branded Carlisle as a troll (it's not my fault he had made 6 Ghirahim threads in an hour) but slowly but surely the two spoke more often and through their mutual support of Olimar, they began to tolerate one another.

GeneralPengu - GeneralPengu cunningly tricked the worried players of Despair into believing that RotomGuy3 was the murderer. Later, when RotomGuy3 narrowly escaped death multiple times, he decided to finish him off, once and for all.

geno4life - RotomGuy3 was very supportive of geno4life's marriage with Candeles, however, the plans were cut short after the mods snuck into Candeles' house at night and killed her.


  • RotomGuy3 actually wants King K. Rool more than anything, except a Swooping Snitchbug AT.
  • RotomGuy3 harbours a deep hatred for Lucas, partly because he hates his game and partly because Mother is over-represented instead of Pikmin.
  • The Chorus Kids are RotomGuy3's third most wanted newcomer under King K. Rool and Louie.
  • RotomGuy3 loves Petey Piranha and would love for him to playable.

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