Get up fools! This is my table now.

—Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is a wrestler for the WWE. He is, however, in desperate need of a gimmick change.

Roman Reigns Superior Gimmick IdeasEdit

  • Roman Brains - A genius who is smarter than everybody else
  • Roman Chains - He gets chained up like a criminal before and after matches
  • Roman Rains - Dresses in a water suit and makes rain puns
  • Roman Banes - Has a thing for breaking backs
  • Roman Cranes - A heavy-duty construction worker
  • Lo Mein Reigns - An overworked noodle bar chef who has had enough of his demanding boss
  • Roaming Reigns - He likes to explore and walk around
  • Ho-Man Reigns - He pimps himself out to all the ladies.
  • Roman Drains - He's a Samoan plumber who constantly talks about rescuing his Princess...Pineapple from a land called the Mushroom Empire. He then adopts Yoshi Tatsu as his pet and rides him to the ring when he has his matches.
  • Roman Hanes - Male underwear model and he always wears nothing but briefs
  • Woman Reigns - Most dominating Divas Champion of all time
  • Roman Meat Train - Porno star
  • Roman Pains - Masochist/S&M Gimmick complete with black leather outfit.
  • Roman Frames - Fashionista who has an obsession with glasses
  • Roman Planes - WW2 Ace Fighter plane pilot
  • Pokeman Reigns - Dresses like Ash, picks six wrestlers every week to have a tag match
  • Romantic Reigns - Takes you out for dinner before spearing you in half.
  • Times New Roman Reigns - Demands all the RAW scripts are typed in Times New Roman font otherwise he spears all the writers
  • Roman Strains - A wrestler suffering with haemorrhoids.
  • Roman Sprains - Fake injury gimmick where he carries around a crutch
  • Roman Slains - He kills his opponent after pinning them.
  • Roman Blames - Puts on a Sherlock outfit and begins investigating kayfabe crimes heels have committed.
  • Roman Trains - A man who loves his trains
  • Roman Shames - After beating an opponent, he gathers the entire locker room to shame the defeated opponent.
  • Roman Abstains - Has no sex until marriage
  • Roman Refrains - He won't participate in any matches.
  • Roman Stains - He's a very sloppy eater.
  • Roman Retains - Always retains his titles
  • Blow-Man Reigns -He is a heavily addicted cocaine addict who has an entrance similar to Goldberg but instead of security guards accompanying him to the ring, they all have lines of coke waiting for him with the last guy having a huge mountain that he shoves his face into and runs out ala Ultimate Warrior
  • Roman Mains - A fighting game player who dresses as his main from a different game each week.
  • Rayman Reigns - An armless, legless wrestler that explores magical worlds.

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