Reset Bomb Forest is a stage in Super Smash Bros 4. It's based on Chapter 11 of Kid Icarus Uprising, where the people in the background are going to war because Hades said that killing someone will grant you a wish. Viridi shows up, using a giant bomb that engulfs the area of impact in a giant purple sphere. Said bombs come from a floating island which serves as a factory for said bombs. This sounds strangely familiar...

That said, let's talk about the stage. It starts out on a building as people are going to war as previously stated. Soon after, a static image of Viridi will appear in the background, muttering about how humans are terrible and the world is better off without them. After that, a Reset Bomb appears and engulfs the area in pure, unadulterated nature. The structure you were previously standing on gets split up into pieces, and the platforms can then be broken and stuff, but somehow get better when the stage just sort of turns back. How? I dunno, maybe Viridi just changed her mind or something. You know, according to Palutena's Guidance, Smash 4 is canon to Kid Icarus, but this stage has Viridi still being an eco-terrorist. Did she never learn? DID SHE NEVER LEARN?!?

Actually, no, she didn't. By the ending of Uprising, she was pretty much the only character who didn't learn. In fact, she got off completely scott-free. This, of course, was a severe disappointment to anyone looking forward to finally getting some catharsis on her. Hades tries to massacre some humans, it's the end of the world, Viridi does it and she's fine.

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