A supposed leak of Rayman along with a Shop menu added on the main menu

The original topic:

A video of Rayman:

Arguments against it Edit

  • On the video, the leaker never clicks Rayman
  • However, Rayman could just be in the beginning of development so that is understandable. Furthermore, if you listen closely, he actually does click Rayman. However, the error noise plays.
  • The creator of the fake leak fessed up and showed us how he did it

Arguments supporting it Edit

  • The leaker included Mewtwo (how does this support it? Well, it really doesn't, but people are giving points for including Mewtwo... for some reason)
  • Original artwork, and a lot of it
  • A video
  • The game has only four third-party trophies. Three of them are from Rayman.
  • The guy who claims he made it is a liar and he didn't actually make it it was legit

The Photos Edit

I can't post them all here my computer is stupid but here are links

Wii U


Notes Edit

This was faked by our very own RedAndWatch and even got on the home page of Smashboards.

...And it's fake Edit

Rayman Smashified - Making the Leak08:29

Rayman Smashified - Making the Leak

The next day, the creator of the "leak" came forward and explained it.

Millions bet their accounts on the line, they all said "IF RAYMAN IS FAKE ILL CLOSE IT" much faith was put into the limbless cur........all was in vain...... Not that we expected anything to happen after the Ridley incident.

Rayman in Pepperoni

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