Every topic needs 'em.


This page is to share some of the amazing posts you've come across. (Cite if possible.)

This news needs a citation more than JFK needed a helmet.

—rayneotacon on the Chunky Kong allegedly being confirmed to be fake. [1]

I can honestly see Ghirahim being a Captain Falcon clone.

Ganondorf is no longer relevant to the series because he wasn't in the last Zelda game. That means he's not an iconic villain any more, either. And Sakurai will decide accordingly in Smash 4. After all, he decided not to use a 1st gen Pokemon Trainer because appearance in recent games and icon status are the same thing, and 1st gen PT wasn't in any recent games at the time of Brawl.

Of course, with Ghirahim being a solid replacement for Ganondorf, you can see why Sakurai would give him a Falcon moveset.


I think it would be optimal if Ghirahim were a playable character.


Anyone honestly voting for Mega Man is more biased than Dark Pit riding Dragoon.

—Emmy_Altava on whether Mega Man or Pac-Man was more deserving of making it in. [4]

Please. You dare put me on the same level as that peon? My power is eternal. I am all things. You exist only out of my utter lack of care to end you.


Come on, not wanting Ridley is just cruel. He needs this job to pay for his son's college tuition. He's been unemployed since 2010, and he's starting to run out of money. He volunteers on weekends to work in soup kitchens, and he spends the rest of the week hunting down a job. Then he finally gets considered, and you guys don't want him! How cruel can you be, wanting to keep a space dragon out of a top-tier university?

And don't get me started on his family life. He can barely afford to provide for himself alone, let alone his wife, children, and dog. And you guys want him to stay unemployed. If he does, will you be happy now?


[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administartor]


There are two boys. One who wants to get the last pudding and the other missed out and now wants to bully the other kid.

RidleyFan (The boy who gets the pudding) is happy he got the last pudding. Ridley Hater(Bully) is angered of how happy RidleyFan is and decides to punch RidleyFan in the gut and take his pudding.


I hope Wario does too.

—BatusiMan on Palutena's stripper pole taunt. [9]

This is a lame way to account suicide. Didn't even post porn like any normal person would.

—Ghasts on RedFlyNinja's account suicide.[10]

okay this is the 2nd time today i've voted on a poll and it have been 5 to 10 yet the percentages are 33.33% to 66.67% what gives


Why did you say "Moveset for Masahiru Sakiurai for SSB4" if you didn't have one?

—Over 40 users[12]

BAD? this is the only topic thats not boaring or stupid! how is this bad? yet something boaring like most requested characters get 77 responces?! what the hell is wrong with gamefaqs? this is a great topic. are all people on gamefaqs idiots like you?

—one of cameronpbb's infamous posts[13]

My sister's hands were injured so she had to use her feet to play this game. She was using such precise movements with the controller using her toes. I kept leaning my head closer and closer to her feet. Eventually I moved so close that I fell out of my chair, knocked the controller away from underneath her feet, spilled super glue on her feet, and got caught underneath her feet in place of the controller. The glue is so super that not even the doctors can get rid of it. What should I do?!


nah racist would be a intro video with a row of G&W's working in the Cotton fields and captain falcon whipping them.


It's against the law to wear an american flag as clothes.
Enjoy prison, Mario.


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