The Eggplant Wizard represents Perverted Palutena Fanboys.

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Palutena dying on a beach like a fat whale.

Perverted Palutena Fanboys spend most of their time on the boards scrolling through topics and posting about Palutena's boob and butt shot in her reveal trailer.

Much to the annoyance of other users, Palutena fans usually only post with their phallus.


A low quality screenshot of some porno.

They like to make claims on how they adore Palutena's humorous personality, but most of us sensible users can see past that farce. Now that Palutena has been confirmed, we have entered a new dark age where dodging bodily fluids from mindless kids is the norm.

A List of Perverted Palutena FanboysEdit

  • Medium nerdalert

    An accurate representation of Palutena fans.

    Svedeesh_Cheff - Possibly the most devoted and obsessive Palutena fanboy on the board yet, he has expressed tons of desires related to Palutena, including stroking her hair, putting her in a skimpy armored outfit, hearing her sing, and even cosplaying as her and trolling other fanboys, despite not even having played her game.
  • PlasmaCannon
  • ViewtifulGene
  • xyzlactic - Despite this, after the USB leak he started to constantly cry, "WAAAAAAAAA SAMURAI BIAS"
  • P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N
  • PT_Piranha
  • Waluigi7
  • RabnadSkubla - Probably an even more devoted Palutena fanboy than Svedeesh_Cheff, seeing as he's one of the few people who played Uprising.
  • Ganondorf (her husband)
  • Masahiro Sakurai


  • Perverted Daisy Fanboys are funnier and less repulsive.
  • If you claim to like Palutena apart from her boobs and ass, you are a filthy liar.
  • This page is fucking stupid.
  • Perverted Peach Fanboys and Perverted Zelda Fanboys used to take screenshots of their underwear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but Nintendo got butthurt and made it so when you look under Peach and Zelda's dresses it reveals a black hole. Because of this, the Perverted Palutena Fanboys found a way to take screenshots of Palutena's underwear.

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