Sticker Star: The Definitive Paper Mario?

Paper Mario is a stage in Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS. The stage is a tour of memorable scenes from all of the Paper Mario games: Sticker Star, the Thousand-Year-Door, and Sticker Star again. The first section takes place on Hither Thither Hill from Sticker Star, and it has a windmill and stuff. Then it turns into the S.S. Flavion (also known as the least memorable location) from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year-Door, probably due to Sakurai discovering that everyone hated Sticker Star. Then it turns into Bowser's Castle, a stage so unplayable it ruins the stage for many. Oh well, at least the S.S. Flavion segment is pretty good.

Board ReactionEdit

When the stage was first revealed, people threw a fit because they thought it was a strictly Sticker Star based stage, but everyone calmed down when they saw the TTYD section. And then everyone threw another fit when it turned out that Sticker Star got two sections. Because of course.

Tournament Legality Edit

Bowser's Castle. That is all.

Paper Mario ReferencesEdit

  • 64: The whale appears below the S.S. Flavion. Seems a bit odd how Sakurai seems to group the two similar ones together, almost as if he's saying something... oh wait, this is Sakurai. Nothing here!
  • The Thousand Year Door: The S.S. Flavion appears, as does the giant Blooper you fight at one point. Oh, and the music that plays is an excellent remix of the Rogueport theme. And the stage transitions are done in the style of pipe-traveling in The Thousand Year Door.
  • Super Paper Mario: What's this game again? No, seriously, Sakurai seems to have forgotten it existed (despite the trophies in both Brawl and the Wii U version). Guess it didn't.
  • Sticker Star: See above. Both Hither Thither Hill and Bowser's Castle are parts of the stage, complete with Sticker Star's main theme and the Battleship theme, respectively. The game's one fan also appears as a stage hazard.

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