Species Taguel
Homeworld Ylisse
Series Fire Emblem
Affiliation The Shepherds
Gender Female

I smell your fear.


Panne is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Awakening.


Panne is nobel Taguel warrior, and the last known member of her kind, until she starts "mating" and then Yarne comes along. She first appears durrning the attempted assasination of Exalt Emmeryn, and joins Chrom's Shepherds soon afterwards.


Panne has a strong sense of duty and pride for her people. She has developed a distrust of humans after the genocide of the Taguel and she makes no attempt to hide this, calling any human that she doesn't trust "Man-Spawn".

Known SuppotersEdit

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  • Arne83 (Claims to be the only Panne supporter)
  • Yoshi2010 is on the fence. Whilst she was formerly his waifu, he feels there are so many better choices.
  • energyman2289