Series Oobi
Oobi Oobi
Oobi Oobi
Gender No Fucking Clue..
Oobi or Oobi? Hmm... Oobi.

Oobi was a scary show back on Noggin in 2004. It was designed to permanently scar all of the children that watched it, by making something as simple as a hand creepy as fuck to kids. It was so bad that the writers chocked themselves with their Oobi hands. And the rest of them beat themselves off with their Oobi hands, turning the mascot of a children's TV show, into something pornographic. What a great way to make Oobi useful; turn it into sex appeal.

For all of your Oobi needs:

Smash Bros. InvolevmentEdit

It is rumored that Sakurai has turned his hand into an Oobi, and proceeded to pleasure his wife by "seeing how far Oobi could travel into the moist cave." This lead to the injury of Sakurai's arm, because Oobi and Mrs. Sakurai felt like having an "adventure." Fucking sluts..

But as Sakurai's thanks to Oobi for sucking him off on numerous occasions in a Namco-Bandai building bathroom, he has decided to make him an alt for Master Hand. Many fans are unsatisfied however, and believe that he should be a playable character of his own.


This is a list of users who want Oobi playable because Oobi probably got into his/her pants.

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